Single Frame Story Week 12 … Simple

I missed last week’s Single Frame Story.  The prompt was “Genius.”  I found that to be a very difficult prompt.   I could have taken the prompt literally and submitted a photo of a very very very dear friend’s portrait who happens to be a genius, among his outrageously many talents.  But he is humble and exceedingly and beautifully grounded even in his flights of brilliance.  So then when I was left to my own devices and thought about what else constitutes genius, I came up with Love, Creativity, Perspectives, Tolerance, Openmindedness, Simplicity in an exceedingly Complex world.  I wasn’t really certain how to represent any of these values, capabilities, beliefs in the form of an image.  Although an idea occurs to me just now in this moment:  I should simply have drawn a heart.  Love is pretty genius…as is crafting a very simple and clear piece of communication.

Which leads me, in a way, to this week’s prompt:  Simple.  The concept I’ve gone for this week really could have fit (in my view) with the Genius prompt as well.  It kind of straddles both.  I created the image in freehand with scribbler.   I see several things wrong with the image.  It took everything in me to give my internal critic and editor a serious Time Out.  They’re still sulking over there in the corner of the room.  But frankly this time they need the lesson of “Simple”  more than I need their tortured lessons on “Perfection.”   So before they get up in protest — just because they can be so terribly bossy — and brandish their red pens around like swords in an attempt to wrangle this image away from me because it’s not to their standard, here is my entry for the Single Frame Story prompt “Simple.”

The image is entitled:  Beginner’s Mind.  Interesting how genius finds room to breathe in a Beginner’s Mind precisely because some value of simple lives there.

One day in an elementary school, a teacher gave her class an assignment to draw a tree.  The brown and green crayons ran out quickly and children had to wait their turn to use those colors.  While everyone else was still waiting on their green and brown colors, a little girl stood up and announced that she was finished.  When the teacher walked over, she realized that the tree the little girl had drawn was purple and shades of red.  The teacher corrected the little girl and said “I’m sorry sweetie, but I’ve never seen a purple and red tree before.”  The small child responded only by saying, “That’s too bad.”


If it’s possible to stalk a store, I admit upfront that I stalk PurpleMoon Creations.  The brand carries so very many gorgeous items that I just can’t help but do a few gazillion writeups about them.  And why should this month be any different?  It shouldn’t, particularly when you take a gander at PurpleMoon founder Poulet Koenkamp’s spirited Halloween Special called “La Morte Douce.” I show this evocative black gown with an equally wonderful item, another Halloween Special from PurpleMoon called “Creatura Headpiece.”   Take a look.  Isn’t the entire effect beautiful and otherworldly?  

Sometimes rummaging through your closet is an adventure that pays off richly.  I happened across this amazing set of prototype wings from the old Sevens Selections-now Vaengi that creator Jen Shikami so very generously shared with me several years ago…just because she is incredibly nice and incredibly talented both.  When I put these wings on with the gown, the entire ensemble popped.  The items all work so incredibly perfectly together.  But even without these grand wings (if I’m not mistaken they aren’t available but check out Vaengi to be sure), La Morte Douce is a stunning bit of high fashion all on its own…from the deliciously feathered skirt all the way up to the opulence of the feathered neckline. 

Here’s a closer view of the multitude of feathers that cascade around the face:  

And because I’m posting this on my lunch hour, I have to wrap this entry up far more abruptly than I like.  The items really are so gorgeous I think they do speak very beautifully for themselves.  So, do take flight to PurpleMoon, purchase this gown and headdress and get in the spirit of this Halloween season in perhaps the most fabulously glamorous of ways.


The new League skin caused me to do something that I very rarely do.  It caused me to buy the fatpack.  “Isla” had that kind of pull on me because it’s just such a lovely skin I couldn’t help myself.  See what I mean?


“Isla” fits my shape like a glove. This is not one of those innocent, young school girl looking skins.  This is one for a woman who possesses wisdom and wit along with sass and playfulness.  Among all the lovely details, I do love the way League skins carry such a beautifully defined lip.  Really overall just gorgeous.   The hardest part of selecting a League skin is making a choice on skintone.   If you’re like me, you may end up getting the fatpack.  Either way you won’t regret it.  To get your single tone or the entire fatpack follow the slurl below.

Fashion Details

  • Skin:  “Isla” in Fever medium, blonde brow Set B from Nena Janus, creator of League.
  • Eyes:  “Sunrise Eyes” in warm silver from Ikon Innovia, creator of Ikon.

Surrender … Single Frame Story Prompt

The prompt for this week’s Single Frame Story couldn’t be more timely, given some of the discussions I’ve had with family members of late.  Here (below) is the image that characterizes how I feel about those discussions.  It’s also an image that I try to hold up to myself when I’m busying myself with convincing myself that I’m a “responsible victim.”  I try not to wear that dressage often, but I do slip into it every now and then.  Who knew that the Single Frame Story challenge could be so cathartic?  I hadn’t anticipated that it would be, but I have to admit it does appear to be the case, most definitely this week.  Whether or not it is for you too, do join in the fun…because it truly is a fun creative challenge week to week as well.

As for this week, here is my entry for the SFS prompt “Surrender.”  This image is entitled “Giving Up the Ghosts.”

Giving up the Ghosts


Last week was a hard week for my siblings and me.  The few times I was inworld, I wanted only to wear comfy, comforting type items.  I found them and surprisingly for me they are mesh.  “Surprising” only because I typically don’t wear alot of mesh.  These, however, I just about lived in last week.  The tops, boots, horns were the perfect type of comfort clothes I craved, and I didn’t even mind altering my shape radically — from curvaceous to nearly androgynous — to get into the tops.  At least, this one time I didn’t mind.  Changing my shape to fit the garment is certainly not something I’m going to make into a habit.     

Still…if you find yourself in need of some comfort, I highly recommend these tops from Underdogs and in fact, all of these items.  The horns are amazing, and the boots come with a color changing hud for the boot, metal, laces, and socks.  Details and slurls for these snugglies follow:

Fashion details and taxis

  • Tops:  Cosy Blouse “Rainbow” Panda (first pic) and Jersey “Plush” Panda both from Underdogs by Rolando Lyric
  • Horns & Circlet:  “Arachzis” in Salazar from  The Plastik by aikea rieko
  • HUD for Horns & Circlet Gem:  “Opals Pack 2” from  The Plastik by aikea rieko
  • Tattoo (body): “Haila” in simple version from The Plastik by aikea rieko
  • Tattoo (face):  “Haila” face add-on from  The Plastik by aikea rieko
  • Thigh-high tights:  “Ribbed Socks” in stone from by Darling Monday
  • Wings:  “Aranel’s Diamond Heart Wings” in teal from BOOM by Aranel Ah
  • Boots:  “Dana” from SeVered GarDeN by Berta Avro
  • Shorts:  “hot shorts” from awram viie by Miria Said (these were a store freebie…not certain if this item is still available)
  • Hair:  “Green” in platinum an oldie but goodie from Maitreya by Onyx LeShelle (not certain if this item is still available)
  • Skin:  Group gift 1 (2011) from  Mynerva by Rhapzody Wilde

Trick or Treat

This month’s group gift from Purple Moon Creations is most definitely a treat.   If you’re a member of the VIP group, fly thee to the main store and pick up this hot little festive ensemble.  It’s called “Demonia” and it is wicked good.   Here’s the taxi:  PurpleMoon.

It comes with everything in red that you see here:  wings, horns, hooves, tail, collar, bodysuit.

If you’re not currently a member of the Purple Moon group, why the hell not?  I cuss in the spirit of the season.  But also I can’t help but get worked up because Poulet Koenkamp, creator of Purple Moon,  gives the best gifts on the grid — gowns, jewelry sets, this great outfit — and all in exchange for a very nominal one-time sign-up fee.    So even if you’re not a member currently, here’s the taxi again:  PurpleMoon.

Fly over to the main shop, sign up, and snag your halloween outfit.   If you don’t, you’ll make this little devil unhappy because you’ll be missing out…not only on “Demonia” but on all of Poulet’s incredible items.  Skedaddle as if a fire is lit under you!!