Single Frame Story … Week 8

Whiskey and Botgirl  keep ratcheting up the challenge with their single frame story prompts but they do it in a good way.  This week’s prompt is “objectification.”  A couple of ideas came at me with this.  The first was easier for me to figure out how to create it…so that’s why it’s shown in this post.  The second idea I hope to be able to figure out how to create it.  For me, it will be one of the more ambitious setups that I’ve tried.  (And I say this recognizing that what is “ambitious” for me is a “piece of cake” for the many talented inworld artists.)  Despite sounding like a broken record, I *really really* hope to have a second entry this week (fingers crossed).

As for this first entry, the title of this single frame story is “Digital Billboard:  The Unbearable Lightness of Being.”

And huzzah! I am back under the 140 character count constraint! And an even bigger huzzah!, I so look forward to all the wonderful interpretations of the prompt and all the great works by the many, many, many creative talents in the virtual worlds.  Speaking of which, I’m really eager to see your works there!  (Nudge, nudge, Dale!)

Published by Michele Hyacinth

A child in the wild blue yonder...full blooded woman with the power just to be. ~ John Haitt

2 thoughts on “Single Frame Story … Week 8

  1. i like the lightness of this. The blue sky colors and the clouds and the butterfly ..very delicate and beautiful. a pity the text is written on the leg not as attachment to the picture.

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