Single Frame Story … Week 7

Drat.  The week got away from me before I could complete last week’s single frame story.  I really want to stay with the discipline of this.  It’s great fun, challenging, and a wonderful way to scratch those creative itches.   To make up for it, I hope to enter a couple of submissions for this week’s challenge, which — as shared on Whiskey’s and Botgirl’s weblog — is “depth perception.”  On their website, Whiskey also shares all the great submissions from the previous week’s challenge.  Last week’s was “on top.”  (…and I clearly wasn’t on top of it!)

Much like my writing, these photo challenges seem to compel me to focus on the creative process itself.  I’m one of those people who can watch a movie several times because I’m studying just about every production element.  I try to step back from the story to learn the structure of the script, the visual purpose, the foreshadowing, the editing, etc.  How it all works together.  I learn alot doing that, but it can also lead to overthinking things.  With these challenges, I’ve come to realize how very little I know about photoshop.  I mean how painstakingly little.  Like how to move one image into another image.  Or create multiple text boxes in one image and reposition them.  It took a day and more than a few attempts (and tutorials on YouTube) for me to figure this out.  Here’s what I ended up with for first entry to this week’s prompt “depth perception:”

Image title “Only when she crashed did she realize the deep end was all around her.”

Oh yeah…one other thing.  I keep going beyond the 140 character constraint when you factor in the text in the image with the title.  I’ll get better with that…I hope!

Can’t wait to see all the submissions this week.   Here’s the flickr group…check them out, join the group and send in your entry!  It’s really great fun.



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