Wild about flexi

I admit it.  I’m a flexi girl.  I am grateful that gorgeous non-mesh fashion is still very much widely available.  It works best for my shape, and it doesn’t come with all the other issues mesh currently has.  I’m quite content to hold out for the arrival of an iteration of mesh that fixes most of its current negatives.  And even then, I would still love flexis because I love seeing dresses move and flutter.   

A great example of this is a sweet little number called “Lou Lou” that I picked up from EMO-tions.  I show it with the a delicious Akeruka skin and [glow] earrings-necklace set both currently at TDR-Blue, and a rawking set of boots from Lapointe-Bastchild.  “Lou Lou” is a modern take on roaring 20s fashion.  It comes complete with arm bangles up-to-there and a set of ankle boots.  I chose to show it with the L-B boots because these boots are ultra sexy.  The version I purchased contain both ankle and knee options.  While the majority of the items in this look may have been created the “old school” way, there’s nothing dated about this fashion.   To get your wild on, jump on the taxis at the end of this post.

Fashion Details

  • Dress and bangles:  “Lou Lou” in emerald by Mirja Mills, creator of EMO-tions.
  • Hair (first photo):  “Model” hair in brown (from the all pack) by Yukitan Farrjones, creator of W&Y Hair.  (Not certain if this is still available…it’s an oldie but goodie in my closet.)
  • Hair:  “Josie” by Kavar Cleanslate, creator of Exile
  • Hairpiece:  “Blackpool” by Squinternet Larnia, creator of Donna Flora.
  • Skin:  “Twiggy” in natural by Agony Helse, creator of Akeruka and for The Dressing Room-Blue.
  • Eyes:  “Sunrise” in silver-green by Ikon Innovia, creator of IKON.
  • Earrings and necklace:  “Please Me” by Linka Demina, co-creator of [glow] and for The Dressing Room-Blue.
  • Boots:  “Elise” in patent black ankle and kneeboot by Paul Lapointe, co-creator of Lapointe & Bastchild.
  • Skybox:  Paperworks Build by William Weaver, as featured on Ch’Know Style (and free on the SL marketplace).  Do check out Alicia’s weblog Ch’Know…she has some gorgeous photos of these builds.

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