NSFW Single Frame Story … Objectification

That’s right.  It’s NSFW and it’s not here.

Okay.  This second photo didn’t come out the way I had intended originally.  Originally, I had this really kind of involved staging in my mind.  I was going to screen back my image onto a Victorian cabinet or somehow make a mosaic of drawers that formed into my image.  I wanted to represent “compartmentalization,” which seems to be related in a way to “objectification.”  And after I had figured all of that out, then I was going to morph into the full-bodied lamp (otherwise known as the “Leg-But-Wait!-There’s- More! Lamp”) and pose next to that compartmentalized cabinet of a being.  Only I couldn’t figure out how to do it.

So then I thought I would just pose as the full-bodied lamp, but that seemed too basic.  So then I thought I would go to Zindra (which I did) and find a sex shop (which I did) and I would pose as the lamp in the sex shop and title the image-story “Mood Lighting.”  But when I arrived at this particular sex shop, there was so much clutter around the Giant Penis Throne (complete with 8 poses) that a clean shot just would not be had.  Besides.  The Giant Penis Fountain right next to the Giant Penis Throne was really kind of distracting.  In an alarming kind of way.   So I did what any artist who is committed to their craft would do.  I bought the Giant Penis Throne.  And created the second single frame story image that resides rather quietly, somewhat subtlely, yet still very NSFW-ly on my flickr account.

So take a gander of it over there if you like…but be careful.  You just might poke your eye out.

Single Frame Story … Week 8

Whiskey and Botgirl  keep ratcheting up the challenge with their single frame story prompts but they do it in a good way.  This week’s prompt is “objectification.”  A couple of ideas came at me with this.  The first was easier for me to figure out how to create it…so that’s why it’s shown in this post.  The second idea I hope to be able to figure out how to create it.  For me, it will be one of the more ambitious setups that I’ve tried.  (And I say this recognizing that what is “ambitious” for me is a “piece of cake” for the many talented inworld artists.)  Despite sounding like a broken record, I *really really* hope to have a second entry this week (fingers crossed).

As for this first entry, the title of this single frame story is “Digital Billboard:  The Unbearable Lightness of Being.”

And huzzah! I am back under the 140 character count constraint! And an even bigger huzzah!, I so look forward to all the wonderful interpretations of the prompt and all the great works by the many, many, many creative talents in the virtual worlds.  Speaking of which, I’m really eager to see your works there!  (Nudge, nudge, Dale!)

Single Frame Story … Week 7

Drat.  The week got away from me before I could complete last week’s single frame story.  I really want to stay with the discipline of this.  It’s great fun, challenging, and a wonderful way to scratch those creative itches.   To make up for it, I hope to enter a couple of submissions for this week’s challenge, which — as shared on Whiskey’s and Botgirl’s weblog — is “depth perception.”  On their website, Whiskey also shares all the great submissions from the previous week’s challenge.  Last week’s was “on top.”  (…and I clearly wasn’t on top of it!)

Much like my writing, these photo challenges seem to compel me to focus on the creative process itself.  I’m one of those people who can watch a movie several times because I’m studying just about every production element.  I try to step back from the story to learn the structure of the script, the visual purpose, the foreshadowing, the editing, etc.  How it all works together.  I learn alot doing that, but it can also lead to overthinking things.  With these challenges, I’ve come to realize how very little I know about photoshop.  I mean how painstakingly little.  Like how to move one image into another image.  Or create multiple text boxes in one image and reposition them.  It took a day and more than a few attempts (and tutorials on YouTube) for me to figure this out.  Here’s what I ended up with for first entry to this week’s prompt “depth perception:”

Image title “Only when she crashed did she realize the deep end was all around her.”

Oh yeah…one other thing.  I keep going beyond the 140 character constraint when you factor in the text in the image with the title.  I’ll get better with that…I hope!

Can’t wait to see all the submissions this week.   Here’s the flickr group…check them out, join the group and send in your entry!  It’s really great fun.


Single Frame Story … Week 5

I found this week’s Single Frame Story theme challenging.  The theme, as shared on Whiskey’s and Botgirl’s weblog, is “little did he/she know.”  The idea I arrived at was a happy accident, in truth.  My hunch is that can often be the case when it comes to art.  Just being open and receptive enough is sometimes all you need to get the creative juices flowing.  In this case, here’s how the happy accident unfolded.  While listening to wonderful friend Calli dj at Tribeca, the conversation turned to Facebook.  Calli shared her thoughts on it, to which I said “You will be assimilated” and Solaria quipped “Faceborg.” 

As you’ll see when you look at the image, my entry for this week is definitely a group effort.  Thank you, Calli and Solaria, for our fun banter on the social media monolith.  Who knew that in that moment we were truly in the process of creating something.  It’s so much fun when things like that happen…and when I become aware enough at some point to realize it.  

Without further ado, then, here’s the entry from this little “collective”  (appropriately/ironically enough).  The image is entitled: 

“Little do you know just what you’re getting into.”

By the way, Friday nights at Tribeca in midstate new york brings a great group of interesting and fun souls together who enjoy each other, conversation, and Calli’s extensive music selection.  Head on over sometime and get assimilated!

Wild about flexi

I admit it.  I’m a flexi girl.  I am grateful that gorgeous non-mesh fashion is still very much widely available.  It works best for my shape, and it doesn’t come with all the other issues mesh currently has.  I’m quite content to hold out for the arrival of an iteration of mesh that fixes most of its current negatives.  And even then, I would still love flexis because I love seeing dresses move and flutter.   

A great example of this is a sweet little number called “Lou Lou” that I picked up from EMO-tions.  I show it with the a delicious Akeruka skin and [glow] earrings-necklace set both currently at TDR-Blue, and a rawking set of boots from Lapointe-Bastchild.  “Lou Lou” is a modern take on roaring 20s fashion.  It comes complete with arm bangles up-to-there and a set of ankle boots.  I chose to show it with the L-B boots because these boots are ultra sexy.  The version I purchased contain both ankle and knee options.  While the majority of the items in this look may have been created the “old school” way, there’s nothing dated about this fashion.   To get your wild on, jump on the taxis at the end of this post.

Fashion Details

  • Dress and bangles:  “Lou Lou” in emerald by Mirja Mills, creator of EMO-tions.
  • Hair (first photo):  “Model” hair in brown (from the all pack) by Yukitan Farrjones, creator of W&Y Hair.  (Not certain if this is still available…it’s an oldie but goodie in my closet.)
  • Hair:  “Josie” by Kavar Cleanslate, creator of Exile
  • Hairpiece:  “Blackpool” by Squinternet Larnia, creator of Donna Flora.
  • Skin:  “Twiggy” in natural by Agony Helse, creator of Akeruka and for The Dressing Room-Blue.
  • Eyes:  “Sunrise” in silver-green by Ikon Innovia, creator of IKON.
  • Earrings and necklace:  “Please Me” by Linka Demina, co-creator of [glow] and for The Dressing Room-Blue.
  • Boots:  “Elise” in patent black ankle and kneeboot by Paul Lapointe, co-creator of Lapointe & Bastchild.
  • Skybox:  Paperworks Build by William Weaver, as featured on Ch’Know Style (and free on the SL marketplace).  Do check out Alicia’s weblog Ch’Know…she has some gorgeous photos of these builds.