NSFW Single Frame Story … Objectification

That’s right.  It’s NSFW and it’s not here.

Okay.  This second photo didn’t come out the way I had intended originally.  Originally, I had this really kind of involved staging in my mind.  I was going to screen back my image onto a Victorian cabinet or somehow make a mosaic of drawers that formed into my image.  I wanted to represent “compartmentalization,” which seems to be related in a way to “objectification.”  And after I had figured all of that out, then I was going to morph into the full-bodied lamp (otherwise known as the “Leg-But-Wait!-There’s- More! Lamp”) and pose next to that compartmentalized cabinet of a being.  Only I couldn’t figure out how to do it.

So then I thought I would just pose as the full-bodied lamp, but that seemed too basic.  So then I thought I would go to Zindra (which I did) and find a sex shop (which I did) and I would pose as the lamp in the sex shop and title the image-story “Mood Lighting.”  But when I arrived at this particular sex shop, there was so much clutter around the Giant Penis Throne (complete with 8 poses) that a clean shot just would not be had.  Besides.  The Giant Penis Fountain right next to the Giant Penis Throne was really kind of distracting.  In an alarming kind of way.   So I did what any artist who is committed to their craft would do.  I bought the Giant Penis Throne.  And created the second single frame story image that resides rather quietly, somewhat subtlely, yet still very NSFW-ly on my flickr account.

So take a gander of it over there if you like…but be careful.  You just might poke your eye out.