There are so very many places to see in SL.  I love v wonderful friend Dale’s excellent post on exploring SL’s mainland and the many delightful finds you stand to come across.  I too am a huge fan of SL’s mainland.  Also well worth checking out are the great writeups on various builds by Honour McMillan, Ziki Quest, and others.  Another source of places to visit, aside from the Destination Guide, is KoinUp.  Lots of photos uploaded there include slurls to locations, which is wonderful. 

So after visiting Kyoot for their slurl for a previous fashion entry and also stumbling upon their big 50L sale, I took a slurl at KoinUp to a place called “LOL.”  Yes, LOL, lol.  (Couldn’t resist.)  In this entry, I post some pictures from the build and also show darling sweater and capri items from Kyoot.  Together, they have a nautical, playful feel well-suited for LOL.  If you haven’t been to LOL or Kyoot’s 50L sale yet, do check them out.  They will both make you smile.  Your taxis await at the end of this entry.  (Note:  not sure how long the 50L sale has been going on or will last, but check it out if you haven’t already.) 


  • Location:  LOL
  • Hair:  “Bug” in dark brown from ::XS::
  • Top:  “Josephine cropped sweater” in orange stripes by Saeya Nyanda, creator of Kyoot.
  • Pants: “Etienne Capris” in sand by Saeya Nyanda, creator of Kyoot.
  • Skin:  “Grixdale Ren Sugar Posie” by Tyr Rozenblum of Aura & Illusory.

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