Single Frame Story ~ Grave Mistake

Yep.  Constructing a single frame story is quite challenging.  This week’s theme is “Grave Mistake.”  I considered a few possibilities for this.  All of them felt clever and fun in my head, but trying to translate an idea into a finished piece is no easy task.  There’s some hidden magic or innate talent that comprises the process between idea and execution.  That’s always fascinated me.  When I studied dance, friends would ask me where in the process the dance occurred.  I always replied that the dance is in the moments between each step, not necessarily the steps themselves.  That’s true for me with the single frame story challenge as well.  It’s kind of fun (and daunting) to challenge myself in those in-between moments.  I don’t hit the sweet spot as often as I would like, but the challenge is fun and informative.  Here’s my entry for this week…followed by fashion pics and details of course! 

Timing is Everything

If you haven’t yet tried the Single Frame Story challenge, you really should.  It’s an enlightening exercise.  And of course hop on the slurls below for the clothes and things and look fabulous while doing it.  Keep in mind EMO-tions is currently selling all blonde hairs for only 95L each.  I’m not sure when the sale ends so if you want blonde hair at an incredibly reasonable price, head on over to EMO-tions lickety-split!

Fashion Details

  • Outfit:  “Shalwar” from Giz Seorn, creator of GizzA.
  • Hair: “Deirdre” in blonde from Mirja Mills, creator of EMO-tions. For a limited time, Mirja offers all blonde hairs only at 95L each.
  • Eyes:  “Sunrise” in light green from Ikon Innovia, creator of IKON.
  • Skin:  “Angel” tone 1 from Lorac Farella, creator of Pulse.
  • Earrings and Necklace set:  “Venice” in white from Poulet Koenkamp, creator of PurpleMoon.
  • Bracelet (right wrist):  “Nizam Choodiya Bangles” in silver-white from Zaara Kohime, creator of Zaara.
  • Bracelet (left wrist):  “Lotus” chained bracelet in white from kikunosuke Eel, creator of Mandala.

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