Single Frame Stories ~ Illumination

I find myself looking forward to Single Frame Stories, a weekly challenge created by Botgirl Questi and Whiskey Monday.  The idea they framed up is to create a story in a single photo that reflects the theme of a particular week.  The theme for the first week was “Last Words.”  This week’s theme is “Illumination.”  Here’s my entry:


I enjoy the Single Frame Stories challenges, even though I’m not very good at translating the idea in my head into a complete visual.  Somehow the image is always better in my head, you know?  My writing is the same way, ironic that.  This exercise reminds me alot of my take last November for nanowrimo11, where instead of writing words I posted photos “chapters” (and each picture counted for 1,000 words, of course :).)  What I learned through that process (which I have yet to complete!) is that photo essays are not easy to do.  I had thought they might be, but they aren’t.  Not at all.  At least not for me.  I salute those who do it well, like Botgirl and Whiskey and all the contributors who submitted the great photos so far.  Check out the entries and the challenges and give it a whirl.  I plan to keep trying.  It’s good creative practice, and it’s fun too!


2 thoughts on “Single Frame Stories ~ Illumination

  1. YAY!!! You’re fast! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the challenges. I’ve always thought your pics were wonderful, and great to see your submissions. Thanks Michele!! xo

    1. Heyya Single Frame Storyteller Extraordinaire! You are *really* gifted, Whiskey…not only in capturing the photo but also in coming up with the visual and all the elements that go into it. Thanks for such a fun weekly challenge and just as much for being so wonderfully supportive and encouraging!!

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