Gold, Silver, Bronze

This is a mixed post.  As the title suggests, it covers just about every position imaginable.  Well, not every.  But it does touch on fashion, mesh, and labels. 

I’ll vault into these topics with what is for me the most difficult:  mesh.  Having a rather Rubensque shape, I’m not a fan of mesh fashion (other than hair, such as the one I show above) because I have yet to find a garment of it — other than this partial mesh dress I also feature today — that comes anywhere close to matching my shape.  In fact, I can’t even wear the largest size of the standard sizes without either my top or my bottom spilling out.  And even if I could, the size would be so big around my back and frame that a huge gap of nothingness would appear between the inside of the mesh product and, well, wherever my body was supposed to be.  That’s the other thing I don’t particularly like about mesh…that we have to be invisible for the garment to take form.  We need to go away for the fashion to exist.  Odd.  I mean really.  It’s not that this type of fashion enhances what we have.  No.  It’s that we literally need to not exist for the fashion to take over.  That’s seriously all kinds of ways Wrong.  Worse yet, we need to go away on someone else’s terms and ideas of what a Standard Size should be.  I’ve always been fairly non-standard myself in many ways and have never taken kindly to being shoved into a box.  Yet I know we voluntarily do this already for shoes, prim feet, and now prim hands.  And I have to say it was unsettling initially when we all first encountered shoes with alphas.  Not seeing my feet still throws me when I change out of shoes…just that brief moment of not being whole is unsettling enough.  Now with mesh clothing, we’re outright erasing ourselves.  Even if I hadn’t spent alot of time tweaking my digits, I still wouldn’t be thrilled with the idea of obliterating my own physical presence, my very real sense of who I am, by adopting someone else’s idea of it.  Isn’t that more than a bit like idolizing the altered shapes of airbrushed and liquified magazine models in the atomic world?  Aren’t we far more than talking heads, or talking heads on a hangar?  Beyond all of that (which is alot really), I have no desire to bring an arsenal of sizes into my closet to accommodate the varying degrees of how each particular mesh style fits. Feels waaaay too much like real life, that.  Keep in mind also:  XL does not fit me (too small).  Do I need to wear a 2X (if there is such a thing)?  Should I develop a complex because of this or go on a pixel diet?  I’m not about to, but isn’t it funny how those sizing labels or any labels attached to beauty or fashion invariably start to rub up against something more than simply “fit.”   

So, with that rant out of the way (laughing), I’m honestly thrilled to show some mesh fashion I finally came across recently that I love:  mesh hair (I show “Shell” from DeLa) and this partial mesh dress from Kyoot. 

Now a skirt panel made of mesh is such a smart use for it.  I don’t have to wear an alpha first off (with either the hair or the skirt), and the skirt panel lines up so perfectly with the hem of the dress that I am liberated finally from the Tarzan loin cloth look created by traditional prim miniskirt attachments.  It’s really just that simple.  No fuss.  No muss.  No pulling a disappearing act to accommodate someone else’s idea of what the “canvas” should be.

Mesh that fits to my shape instead of the other way around, that doesn’t expose huge gaps of nothingness or look like bulky plastic; mesh that doesn’t require that I disappear for it to work, and; mesh that finally fixes the loin cloth look.  Well, if you ask me, that’s a whole lot of all-around Win:  Gold, Silver, and Bronze.

Fashion details and slurls below after some photos of the other items I’m wearing (notice the gold, silver, and bronze theme in the clothing and accessory choices too.  Love the Olympics…what can I say!):

Fashion details   

  • Dress:  Whitehaven Beach dress (partial mesh) in pewter created by Saeya Nyanda of Kyoot.  Available at July’s Collabor88Kyoot’s main location.
  • Hair:  “Knotted” in bournville created by Thora Charron of Lelutka.
  • Hair (long):  “Shell” in brown1 (mesh) created by Kuranosuke Kamachi of DeLa
  • Skin:  “Nessima” Gold special by Kira Paderborn of Style by Kira and originally made exclusively for a Shenlei Flasheart fashion show in early 2012.  (Not sure if this is available but even if it’s not, Kira’s skins are lovely and well worth seeing.) 
  • Headband:  “Catalina” in gold created by Gyorgyna Larnia of LaGyo.  Available at July’s Collabor88LaGyo’s main location here.
  • Earrings:  “Santa Monica” in gold created by Gyorgyna Larnia of LaGyo. Available at July’s Collabor88. LaGyo’s main location here.
  • Shoes:  “Shana Unleashed” in neutralized by Nardya Rousselot of NX-Nardcotix .  Comes with a color changing hud for the mesh on the shoetoe.
  • Necklace, bracelet, and ring:  “Nouveau Leaves” collection from Tiffy Vella, creator of Eclectica Jewellery & Accoutrements. Comes with color changing hud for metal, stones, and trim. From August 4-August 29th, a Vintage Fair exclusive. After August 29th, available at Eclectica.
  • Location:  London City3

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