Brain Hacking

There are times when I shake my head and say “whoa.”  One of the many Mashable articles today is this one, about scientists hacking our brains.  I’m no scientist, but I explored a similar idea back in 2009.  It was my attempt at nanowrimo, one that I completed within the year (I believe two months or so but at least the same year).  The story I wrote then was “Concentricity.”  I won’t bore you with all of the posts…it was a difficult concept to flesh out, the idea of being able to hack into brains and consciousness.  I’m sure I’m not the first to come up with this notion, but I hadn’t come across it before (that I’m aware of).  Anyway, I seem to try to articulate the idea a bit more by “Concentricity…9 — The Inner Eye.”

That collective consciousness thing…  Everything really is all interconnected, isn’t it.

At Summer’s End

For those of us in the West, it’s hard to believe that summer is winding its way down.  We may even welcome the coming of fall, after the blatant scorcher that this summer has proven to be.  Who would’ve thought the low 90s would be considered a break from the heat?  Another sure way to beat the heat is to wear a long, flowing summer dress.  While at GizzA the other day, I couldn’t stop myself from purchasing two new arrivals.  They both fit the bill of a beautiful summer dress.  The first, shown above, is called “Goodbye Summer.”  I do love this dress.  It’s so beautifully colorful, still in keeping with all the warmth of August and yet hinting at the arrival of a change in seasons.  This is a dress I could stay in for days.  So easy going, fresh, and lovely.  If there were a more formal gown to tempt me, it would surely be “Kallisto” (shown in the photos that follow), also from GizzA.  With its wide rope belt and delicate shoulder drapes, “Kallisto” has more of a goddess vibe.  But either way both of these new offerings are just gorgeous.  Both so ultra feminine and refreshing to the eye…wonderful finds for these howling hot dog days of August.  If they call to you like they did to me, check out the fashion details and taxis at the end of the post.  And have a great rest of the summer!

Fashion Details – 1st set of photos

  • Gown: “Goodbye Summer” in aqua by Giz Seorn, creator of GizzA.
  • Hair:  “Maria” in snow by Catwa Clip, creator of CatWa.  Comes with a color-changing hud for the headband.
  • Skin: “Lily V1″ in SK 1 by Tricky Boucher, creator of Belleza.
  • Eyes: “Mystic Eyes” 5 pair from NOYA, available on SL Marketplace.

Fashion Details – 2nd set of photos

  • Gown:  “Kallisto” in pink by Giz Seorn, creator of GizzA.
  • Earrings and Necklace:  “Bianca” in pearl by Dita Tran, creator of FuLo.
  • Eyes:  “Sunrise” in imperial purple Ikon Innovia, creator of IKON.
  • Skin: “Akeruka Meg V2 (Birthday 2012 Gift) by KaoZ Koba and Agony Helse, creators of Akeruka.
  • Hair:  “Trinity” in night by Truth Hawks, creator of Truth.
  • Location:  Dreamworld Pearl.  (Very last photo.)


There are so very many places to see in SL.  I love v wonderful friend Dale’s excellent post on exploring SL’s mainland and the many delightful finds you stand to come across.  I too am a huge fan of SL’s mainland.  Also well worth checking out are the great writeups on various builds by Honour McMillan, Ziki Quest, and others.  Another source of places to visit, aside from the Destination Guide, is KoinUp.  Lots of photos uploaded there include slurls to locations, which is wonderful. 

So after visiting Kyoot for their slurl for a previous fashion entry and also stumbling upon their big 50L sale, I took a slurl at KoinUp to a place called “LOL.”  Yes, LOL, lol.  (Couldn’t resist.)  In this entry, I post some pictures from the build and also show darling sweater and capri items from Kyoot.  Together, they have a nautical, playful feel well-suited for LOL.  If you haven’t been to LOL or Kyoot’s 50L sale yet, do check them out.  They will both make you smile.  Your taxis await at the end of this entry.  (Note:  not sure how long the 50L sale has been going on or will last, but check it out if you haven’t already.) 


  • Location:  LOL
  • Hair:  “Bug” in dark brown from ::XS::
  • Top:  “Josephine cropped sweater” in orange stripes by Saeya Nyanda, creator of Kyoot.
  • Pants: “Etienne Capris” in sand by Saeya Nyanda, creator of Kyoot.
  • Skin:  “Grixdale Ren Sugar Posie” by Tyr Rozenblum of Aura & Illusory.

Single Frame Story … Positive

The theme for week three’s Single Frame Story is “Positive.”  I took the theme literally by using the word in the narrative.  I’ve noticed that I gravitate to the water or the sky as a backdrop for pictures.  They both make a nice, if admittedly simple canvas.   At some point, I’ll have to be brave enough to try a more complex composition.  But until that time and in the spirit of faking it until you make it, here’s my single frame story for “Positive.”

Mysterious Distraction

Somehow in the midst of fumbling through my closet, I found my way to Mysterious Wave.  It’s an intriguing place and because I love to explore and I love fashion (although I’m not loving how bloated my inventory is), I decided to take fashion photos there.  When you visit Mysterious Wave, be sure to use the windlight settings designed for the experience.  It creates a very other-worldly feel and gives the environment a great deal of depth.  You’ll find the slurl to Mysterious Wave at the end of this post, along with taxis and credits for the fashion items.  Have fashion will travel!


  • Location:  Mysterious Wave.
  • Hair:  “Beachy Hair” in strawberry cream from Alli&Ali Designs, available at the 0L promo price on SL Marketplace.  (Promo ends September 28th.)
  • Skin:  “Lily V1” in SK 1 by Tricky Boucher, creator of Belleza.
  • Eyes:  “Mystic Eyes” 5 pair from NOYA, available at the 99L promo price on SL Marketplace.
  • Earrings:  “Black Tie” in pink tourmaline by Dita Tran, creator of FuLo.
  • Cardigan:  “Soft Resolution” in cream by Saeya Nyanda, creator of Kyoot.
  • Shorts: “Sequined Hot Pants” by Erratic Rain, creator of Erratic.
  • Kneepads:  “Stomp” in black by Ivey Deschanel, creator of Sn@tch. (Be sure to check the lucky boards for these.)
  • Boots:  “Wild Thing” in black by Ivey Deschanel, creator of Sn@tch.  (Be sure to check the lucky boards for these.)

Fierce Glam

When I’m in a hurry to shop, I often hit the SL Marketplace.  Not only is it convenient, but it also carries interesting finds.  And the best part is I don’t have to wait for a large store to rez.  I surfed the SL Marketplace the other day for fangs to wear in the single frame story composition I made.  That’s when I stumbled upon this fierce, urban look called “Badgal black leather outfit,” from NOYA.  The outfit comes complete with the boots I show.   To reinforce the edginess of this look, I added nails (again from NOYA) which also come complete with five rings.  I’m fortunate to have come across these items because it turns out that NOYA products are available only on the Marketplace.  That’s yet another reason to check out the site from time to time.  

I’ve heard that product delivery from the Marketplace can be a problem at times.  Typically, I never encounter that issue, although wouldn’t you know I did this time.  But that’s still not a problem, really.  After briefly explaining what happened, NOYA immediately dropped another set of both the outfit and the nails to me.  I love that about inworld creators.  They design slamming looks like the one I’m wearing, and they don’t erect barricades between themselves and their customers if there’s a problem.  NOYA was as pleasant as can be, and didn’t make anything a hassle.  That’s a big part of the reason why I wanted to share pics and slurls for this outfit:  to celebrate what has always been a relationship of mutual respect between the customer and the creator.  Displaying mutual respect is as classy as this look.  Speaking of classy and utterly gorgeous, did I mention how completely wild I am about this “Cassiopea” skinline from Glam Affair?  I am *wild* about it.  Wild, wild about it.  It works perfectly with this look and together all the elements elevate it to a level that is deliciously and decidedly glam.

To get your fierce glam on, hit these slurls.  Also, do visit the marketplace from time to time…there are some wonderful finds to discover there.

Fashion details

  • Outfit:  “Badgal Black Leather Outfit” with boots by NOYA, creator of NOYA Designs.  (NOYA Designs is available only on the SL Marketplace.)
  • Hair: “Dura” 13 in black by chiaki xue, creator of Dura.
  • Nails:  “Eclipse Golden set 5 rings” by NOYA, creator of NOYA Designs.  (NOYA Designs is available only on the SL Marketplace.)
  • Eyes:  “Sunrise” in light brown by Ikon Innovia, creator of IKON.
  • Skin:  “Cassiopea – Africa 08” with brown brows by aida Ewing, creator of Glam Affair.
  • Bracelet (right wrist):  “Takara Bangle Zebra Fur” in black and white from kikunosuke Eel, creator of Mandala.
  • Bracelet (left wrist):  “Lotus” chained bracelet in white from kikunosuke Eel, creator of Mandala.
  • Earrings and necklace:  “Venice” in white from Poulet Koenkamp, creator of PurpleMoon.
  • Location:  “The Retreat

Single Frame Story ~ Grave Mistake

Yep.  Constructing a single frame story is quite challenging.  This week’s theme is “Grave Mistake.”  I considered a few possibilities for this.  All of them felt clever and fun in my head, but trying to translate an idea into a finished piece is no easy task.  There’s some hidden magic or innate talent that comprises the process between idea and execution.  That’s always fascinated me.  When I studied dance, friends would ask me where in the process the dance occurred.  I always replied that the dance is in the moments between each step, not necessarily the steps themselves.  That’s true for me with the single frame story challenge as well.  It’s kind of fun (and daunting) to challenge myself in those in-between moments.  I don’t hit the sweet spot as often as I would like, but the challenge is fun and informative.  Here’s my entry for this week…followed by fashion pics and details of course! 

Timing is Everything

If you haven’t yet tried the Single Frame Story challenge, you really should.  It’s an enlightening exercise.  And of course hop on the slurls below for the clothes and things and look fabulous while doing it.  Keep in mind EMO-tions is currently selling all blonde hairs for only 95L each.  I’m not sure when the sale ends so if you want blonde hair at an incredibly reasonable price, head on over to EMO-tions lickety-split!

Fashion Details

  • Outfit:  “Shalwar” from Giz Seorn, creator of GizzA.
  • Hair: “Deirdre” in blonde from Mirja Mills, creator of EMO-tions. For a limited time, Mirja offers all blonde hairs only at 95L each.
  • Eyes:  “Sunrise” in light green from Ikon Innovia, creator of IKON.
  • Skin:  “Angel” tone 1 from Lorac Farella, creator of Pulse.
  • Earrings and Necklace set:  “Venice” in white from Poulet Koenkamp, creator of PurpleMoon.
  • Bracelet (right wrist):  “Nizam Choodiya Bangles” in silver-white from Zaara Kohime, creator of Zaara.
  • Bracelet (left wrist):  “Lotus” chained bracelet in white from kikunosuke Eel, creator of Mandala.