During last Thursday’s 50L event, very wonderful friend Dale and I joined equally wonderful friend Calli and tp’d to a store called Estel.  Estel is a new brand with a modest volume of content (so far) but it’s already very easy to see the store is definitely worth checking out.  Case in point, this lovely new skin called “Bianca” that I show in this post. (Photographed in Appleblossom windlight.  And as Calli said “This is a lovely Grown Woman’s skin.”  Indeed, it so very much is.)  

While we explored the shop, we had the wonderful good fortune of meeting Aisling Caiben, store owner and content creator.  Aisling was busy at work but evenso, she greeted us warmly and made us feel right at home.  Our four-way chat was delightful and reminded me so very much of the early days in SL when random encounters between creators and buyers-explorers sparked greetings and conversation.  It’s still so fun when that happens, like it did at Estel.  And it’s just icing on the cake to also find such heavenly creations, like this “Bianca” skin.  Be sure to head on over to Estel not only now but also as the brand grows.  Pick up some truly lovely lovely creations, all of which no doubt have Aisling’s delightful personality baked right into them.  

Your chariot:   Estel Skins & Shapes, created by Aisling Caiben




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