One Voice … a World of Good

My very first skin was a Gala skin, presently known as Curio skins.  Like many others, I’ve learned of the content theft surrounding this wonderful brand and the necessity for an expensive legal fight.  Like so very many others, I wanted to express my support in many ways, including purchasing a number of wonderful items from the One Voice Fundraiser for Curio.  A portion (50% to 100%) of the sales price goes to help Gala Phoenix pay for legal services to battle copyright infringement (details from Curio’s weblog), loss of professional livelihood, and defamation of character.  If you live by the motto of picking and choosing your battles, the only choice in this instance is what Gala is doing and that’s taking this fight on.  Let’s continue to help.  “One Voice” runs through July 16th.  Fashion details for the items in this entry are listed at the end of this post. 

Gorgeous Items shown at One Voice:

  • Skin:  “Moana” in rosy pink from Inka Mexicola, creator of Essences.
  • Striped tee:  “Ballet-tee” in black stripe from Darling Monday, creator of
  • Jeans:  “Rissa” complete jeans outfit with sweatshirt, hoodie, bracelet from Christal Morane, creator of Delirium Style.
  • Silks: “Shahrazad” from Marcus Inkpen, co-creator with Sharnee Azalee of The Looking Glass.
  • Petite:  “Dove Translucent” from Fallen Gods, complete with hud to change skin tone, glow, and metal
  • Poses:  “Runway Set 5” from Wetcat Flux, creator of WetCat
  • Eyes:  Ikon Eyes from Ikon Innovia are at One Voice.  The set I show — “Sunrise” in black — were purchased about a year ago at the main store, however.  

Gorgeous Items shown NOT at One Voice:

  • Shoes:  “Sport Clogs” in Splash from Gospel Voom, creator of GoS
  • Hair:  “Janelle” in sangria from Truth Hawks, creator of Truth Hair
  • Hair (shown with silks):  “Lee” in black from Mirja Mills, creator of EMO-tions

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