Stirring the Dream

Stirring the Dream” by Haveit Neox is the third build in the Santa Fe International Media Festival that Honour McMillian shared in her weblog entry about the event.  This is a very complex, involved, and fascinating installation.  You wander through a series of layers, think you’ve seen them all, and then just like peeling back an onion, you find yet another layer to explore.  I wandered through the installation for a long time and still didn’t see it all.  I logged out only to post this entry, as today (July 8th) is the last day to see the wonderful inworld art exhibits that are part of the Santa Fe event. 

And of course, there’s fashion to be had in this weblog entry!  If you haven’t yet been to Vextra Fashion, you really need to head over there.  Vextra Messing has created wonderfully lovely fashion and is selling her items at such incredibly reasonable prices, you’ll find it very, very hard to resist buying just about everything.  Seriously, this is fine quality fashion at prices that are simply a steal.  Check the end of the post for pictures (all of which were taken at “Stirring the Dream“), fashion details, and the ever important slurls! 



Fashion details from Vextra Messing, creator of Vextra Fashion:

  • Fashion picture 1:  “Margarita” halter dress in blue
  • Fashion picture 2:  “Daiquiri” dress in pink
  • Fashion picture 3:  “Salsa wrap” dress in black
  • Fashion picture 4:  “Mono’kini” beachwear in tropical gold

Additional fashion details:

  • Hair:  “Stargaze” in twix with floppy hat from Lamb Bellic, creator of Lamb
  • Shoes:  “Flip flops” in spring from Onyx LeShelle, creator of Maiteyra

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