Santa Fe New Media Festival

Today is the last day to visit wonderful builds in the Santa Fe International New Media Festival.  See Honour McMillian’s always wonderful weblog coverage of this build and other must-see inworld builds.  Yesterday, I visited two of the three builds Honour lists in that entry (“Almost Flat Land” and “Virginia Alone“), and am about to dash inworld to visit the third.  But I’m writing this post now in case any readers see this entry and find themselves wanting to check out the builds in the few hours that remain.   To give a feel for the builds created by these wonderful artists, here is a gallery of photos I took yesterday:

I admit I didn’t take as many photos of “Almost Flat Land.”  That’s because I picked up “New Dawn” — a gorgeous gown that is the current group gift from Poulet Koenkamp, creator of PurpleMoon — and I found myself modelling the gown in the very lush light and setting of Tyrehl Byk’s build.

Our world has just so many beautiful creations to see and to wear, doesn’t it, though?!


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