Something About MiMo Couture

The other day, very wonderful friend Dale told me about a fashion shop that offers complete wardrobes — shoes and outfits — at incredibly reasonable prices.  That was all I needed to hear.  I asked Dale to take me there and so we visited MiMo Couture.  Here are two of the lovely outfits I picked up, starting with “Mary:”

“Mary” cost something like 60-70L (I can’t remember specifically).  The top includes a billowy sculpty attachment but my shape is such that I very rarely wear scultpies around the ribcage.  Besides, the top is adorable all on its own.  I love the lime colorway of this ensemble.  It’s a very summer color but in a way that keeps the vibrancy cool and refreshing.  MiMo sells gowns in this same colorway (as well as other colors), so of course I had to snap that up too.  (Did I mention the gowns come with shoes and sell for somewhere in the 150L neighborhood?):


Here’s a closeup of the neckline…very summer friendly!:


Not to mention a closeup of a skin that you’ll also find at MiMo Couture.  For my taste, I thought the dark tone of this skin had a bit too much makeup, but the sunkissed tone that I selected really reads as very nicely balanced.  Plus, if you’re looking for a skin with a Cindy Crawford mole, this lovely skin is one you’ll want to seriously consider:


The eyes are from VreMode Fashions.  I do love Vrem’s eyes along with her other fashion creations.  Her eyes cast a sherbert hue, which goes perfectly with these wonderful creations from MiMo Couture and for the summer’s heat.  So pick up some summer fun that is both cool enough to wear and easy enough to purchase by catching these slurls:

Outfit:  “Mary” in lime, a complete outfit that includes the top, shorts, and adorable Maryjanes by MiMo Couture, creator of MiMo Couture 

Gown:  “Duda” in lime (comes with shoes) by MiMo Couture, creator of MiMo Couture

Skin:  “Joanna” in sunkiss makeup 4 by MiMo Couture, creator of MiMo Couture

Eyes:  “Minnalou” in Oak by Vrem Vaniva, creator of VreMode Fashions

Hair:  “Jessie” (mesh) in sangria, created by Kube Kytori and a group gift from Truth Hair.


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