Destination Art

I’m not sure why it seems more difficult to find wonderful art or featured builds now that just about everything inworld seems more categorized and organized.  I guess I’ve never been one to keep different food types separated from each other.  The more “controlled” things are, the more disconnected they feel.  Then the other day, yesterday in fact, I stumbled upon “Destination Guide” in search.  It looks to be jam-packed with different types of places to visit.  I thought I’d start taking some of those slurls and sharing what I find.  The first place visited is the MIC-Imagin@rium site.  As very wonderful friend Dale said it’s a beautiful build that reminds very much of Shenlei Flasheart’s original Shengri La, where we had the joy of residing along with wonderful other souls who lived there.  It’s also a fairly small but complex build, meaning it surprises with a great many details.  But evenso it’s a very soothing place to be in the face of all of its rich personality.  The site hosts art installations and cultural events, although we didn’t come across any when we visited it.  We’ll have to revisit MIC-Imagin@rium again…and if it should be quiet as it was yesterday, well, then continue to relax and enjoy.

You’ll find MIC-Imagin@rium here and in the “Art” category of the Destination Guide.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The gown I wore is so lovely I wanted to share where to find it.  It’s called  “Forever Yours” created by Agnes Finney, owner of My Precious.  A perfect gown for perfect romanticism.


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