Vrem Vaniva’s commitment to honing her craft has really paid off.  With each new creation, her talents continue to shine.  I’m lucky enough to be in Vrem’s group of friends who receive her newest fashions just before they are made available in her shop VreMode.  Her latest creation is a gown called “Starlight.”  I show it in purple and also in blue.  It’s a very feminine, very magical gown.  Along with its wonderful design and elegant wearability, “Starlight” comes complete with matching shoes and a skin tone hud.  Not that many designers include shoes with their gowns so seeing them was a delightful surprise.  When I wear “Starlight,” I feel like a princess from another galaxy.  It just has a wonderful, ethereal and somewhat exotic quality all at the same time.  And all of those qualities work together so beautifully, making the garment live up to its name.  Here’s the slurl to delightful friend Vrem’s shop VreMode, where you can pick up a lovely bit of Starlight too.