Last night, Fantasy Faire organizers announced in group chat the total amount raised was nearly 6.2 million lindens for a total of more than $25,000 USD.  This is the highest amount raised by any RFL group in SL todate.  And this was achieved even through an SL blackout on one day and another day when one or more of the Faireland sims experienced difficulties…no doubt because of the overwhelming numbers storming the vendors.

The beauty of this kind of coming together to create and live into a shared experience and to achieve such a phenomenal result is truly magical.  The level of passion is so very apparent when you look at their weblog.  The incredible purpose, not the wonderful personalities, is constantly stated first and foremost.  The vision constantly has the spotlight, as it should, and is constantly brought to life by weaving a powerful shared story and experience.  Still.  At the end of what had to be incredibly hard work over what had to have been an extensive number of months, it just wouldn’t be right to go forward without a sustained standing ovation for everyone involved.  Fantasy Faire founder Ember Fatina cannot possibly receive enough accolades.  Nor can all those who worked with such convinction and passion to make it all happen.  Dagmar Haiku thank you for the honor of including me with the official bloggers and for the pleasure of meeting you early on prior to Fairelands opening.  From one of countless many — like all of us — that cancer has impacted, to all of you incredible souls, I humbly say thank you.  Forever thank you.  

In Fantasy Faire Fellowship and until we all return to the Fairelands again, thank you, indeed.


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