Fantasy Faire — Imagine

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Day 7 tally tops $16,000 USD, according to the Fantasy Faire website.  And according to the group IM last night, an extra day has been added.  If that’s true, the last official day will be Monday, April 30th. 

Like so many of us, I’m grateful for the extra day because I would love this event to remain for as long as possible.  It’s really more than an event, the Fantasy Faire.  It’s truly a world within the virtual world. 

Everyone who built this world and this shared purpose should be commended.  It’s all an experience so true to the core of this culture that it’s tangible:  from the hunts, the tinies playing drums to the paper boat floats and beyond.  And the builds…well my goodness, they really are spectacular.  I wish the builds could remain for a couple of days without any shops so that the regions alone could be as fully appreciated as everything they hold.  Every year I tell myself I’ll explore the builds on the last couple of days of the Faire.  I hope to do that tomorrow or Monday, but if I’m distracted by more FFC vendor items, well, that’s a tradeoff I won’t mind. 

It’s all for such a vitally important purpose:  imagine a world without cancer.  Imagine.  Then put action into those imaginings.  Because as all of you and all of this proves again and again…dreams really can come true.

FFC Vendor Details (100% of the proceeds goes to the American Cancer Society)

  • Outfit: “Poison Ivy” by Elvina Ewing, creator of Caverna Obscura. (Comes fully loaded with claw hands, feet, leafy eyelashes, two skin variations – one with vines, one without – leg wraps, modesty top.) Ruins of Nu Orne sim.
  • Antlers:  “Portmanteau” in white by Vitani Jun, creator of [ni.ju].  (Comes fully loaded with multiple options for bead and antler colors, and antler texture of metal or no metal).  Ruins of Nu Orne Sim.
  • Wings:  from the FFC vendor item “Nightwish” (hair, horns, and wings) by Mirja Mills, creator of EMO-tions. Shifting Sands Sim
  • Eyes:  “Reflections from the deep” by Ethereal Faerye, creator of Lost in Starnight.  Siren’s Secret sim.
  • Skin:  “Ethereal Char” by Violette Larkham, creator of Favourite Genes.  Siren’s Secret sim.
  • Eyeliner tattoo:  “Leaf makeup” by Ophelia Dayafter, creator of Elysium.  Shifting Sands sim.

Items not FFC vendor creations but glorious finds!

  • Dress:  “Gossamer” in iridescent by Kerryth Tarantal, creator of Spyralle.  Shifting Sands sim.
  • Hair:  “Teeloh” (mesh and free Fantasy Faire 2012 low lag hair and skin kit) by MissAllSunday Lemon, creator of Wasabi Pills. Available throughout the regions.  Wasabi Pills is located in The Tides sim.

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