Fantasy Faire — Emissaries of Light & Darkness

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The Fantasy Faire lets loose its armies in the fight to find a cure.  Emissaries take many forms.  For this post, very very wonderful and uber talented friend Dale and I chose those that are flipside of the same coin:  Light and Darkness.  Both working together in this most noble of crusades.  The crusade of hope, strength, courage, healing, love, joy, health, determination, focus, community.

(wonderful photo by Dale)

With only two days of the faire remaining, now is the time of the Deep Breath before the plunge.  (Yes, Pippin.)  We have all joined arms, contributed at such an astounding level, marveled at the incredible builds and creations, seen many wonderful things. 

(another wonderful photo by Dale)

Just last evening, Dale and I teleported nearly right on top of a GIANT avatar in The Tides sim.  She towered over everything, shifting her weight, blinking her glow eyes and looking down upon the near pileup of avatars at the landing point.  Everyone gaped at the GIANT.  Dale and I thought she was a statue at first.  I felt like a newborn again, staring in wonder at this amazing world.  More than five years later of indescribable heart and in the midst of such amazing convinction that the Fantasy Faire always creates, I smile in such wordless gratefulness at the incredible spirit here. 

Take a deep breath, draw your spirits up even higher, even more powerfully, and plunge into the Fantasy Faire tonight and over the two remaining days.  With every purchase from a FFC vendor, shout those battle cries of hope and healing.  Storm the Faire grounds.  Ring that bell loud and long.

FFC Vendor Details (100% of the proceeds goes to the American Cancer Society)

  • Dale’s Look:  “Black Guard II” (mens) from Raven Pennyfeather, creator of RFyre. (Comes fully loaded with various top and armor options.)  The Tides Sim
  • Michele’s Look:  “Feather Fairy” in white by Angel6 Susanti, creator of Angelwing. (Comes fully loaded, including a variation of wings that emits feathers squeee!)  Meandervale Sim.
  • Hair:  “Amandine” in white (fantasy pack) from Mirja Mills, creator of EMO-tions. Shifting Sands Sim

Items not at the Faire and not FFC vendor creations but glorious finds!

  • Dale’s skin and hair base:  “Rafael Fantasy” in fire by Lulu Jameson, creator of Vaya Con Dios
  • Dale’s horns:  “Intercessor: Deviance (ridged)” in red by Ruina Kessel, creator of {Rue}

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