Fantasy Faire — Labor of Love

  • Official Fantasy Faire Weblog: HERE
  • Fantasy Faire Sims List: HERE
  • FriendsFightCancer on Twitter HERE

Day 5 tally, according to the Fantasy Faire Weblog, is $14,842 USD raised so far, with the rest of this week to Sunday remaining.  I’m posting fast and furious because the entire Fantasy Faire has been so incredi-freakin-awesome this year, I can hardly stand it.  Here’s the first of today’s entry, posted during a lunchbreak from that atomic-world place called “work.” 

One thing’s for certain…participating in the Fantasy Faire is anything but work, as demonstrated by all of our efforts together.  Indeed, if any “labor” at all, it’s one of love.  

Let’s continue to love the heck out of those FFC vendors and change the world!  See end of post for details on FFC vendor items, where 100% of the proceeds goes to the American Cancer Society in the fight to eradicate cancer.


FFC Vendor Details (except tattoo)

  • Fae Outfit: “Flower sings spring” in purple by Miki Morigi, creator of Forest Feast. The Tides sim.
  • Tattoo:  “Fairies magical body overlay” free gift (not a FFC vendor item) from Ameshin Yossarian, creator of Curious Kitties. Devil’s Locket sim.
  • Eyelashes: “Rainbow” from Vitabela Dubrovna, creator of Vita’s Boudoir. Meandervale sim.
  • Eyes: from “Sailfish” (violet female) by Tekelili Tantalus, creator of Tekeli-li. The Tides sim.
  • Hair: “Amandine” in violet (fantasy pack) from Mirja Mills, creator of EMO-tions. Shifting Sands Sim

Item shown that is not at the faire and not a FFC vendor item: “bracelet” from Lolly Carlberg, creator of LouLou & Co.


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