Fantasy Faire — Strength

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Strength in numbers.  Strength in convinction.  The Day 4 tally on the Fantasy Faire weblog shows a record of more than $10,000 USD reached. 

At some point during the day today, a tweet from FriendsFightCancer announced that the 3 million linden mark was reached.  Talk about convinction! 

And we’ve all only just begun. 

Be it land or sea or any way that you choose, wear your strength loud.  Wear your strength proud.  Not only will you look smashing in these FFC vendor items, where 100% of the proceeds goes to the American Cancer Society.  But because of your incredible efforts and commitment on these days of the Faire, the most noble fight to eradicate cancer moves increasingly, noticeably forward to that one even greater day when a breakthrough is discovered. 

Let’s break on through to the other side.  Head back to the Fantasy Faire and overrun the FFC vendors with your purchases.  See you there, again and again and again until that cure is found. 

FFC Vendor Items (except for the tattoo)

  • Hair:  “Nightwish” in black and with horns/flames from Mirja Mills, creator of EMO-tions.  Shifting Sands sim.
  • Silks:  “Azlyn” FF exclusive from Azriel Demain, creator of Falln.  Ruins of Nu Orne sim.
  • Eyes & Skin:  From the “Sailfish” (violet female) ensemble by Tekelili Tantalus, creator of Tekeli-li.  The Tides sim.
  • Tattoo (shown with silks):  “Fairies magical body overlay” free gift (not a FFC vendor item) from Ameshin Yossarian, creator of Curious Kitties.  Devil’s Locket sim.
  • Eyelashes:  “Rainbow” from Vitabela Dubrovna, creator of Vita’s Boudoir.  Meandervale sim.
  • She-fish:  “Sailfish” (violet female) by Tekelili Tantalus, creator of Tekeli-li.  The Tides sim.
  • Chair:  “Shell chair” by Sala Snook, creator of Kami Hitoe.  Siren’s Secret sim.

Item shown that is not at the faire and not a FFC vendor item:  “bracelet” from Lolly Carlberg, creator of LouLou & Co.


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