Fantasy Faire — Guardian

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Everyone can see from just the fair activities alone and the incredible builds that everyone involved with making this event a reality has worked incredibly hard.  And they continue to.  Today, I see on the official Fantasy Faire website they’ve rolled out a hunt — the Faireland Saga Hunt — with gifts on every sim.  For those interested in the hunt, there’s a little primer well worth reading to get you on your way.  And RFyre’s FFC vendor offering “Black Guard II” makes the perfect ensemble to wear on the journey.  (Check the end of this post for the slurl to The Tides sim where you’ll find RFyre.)

This item, like so many of the items at the faire, is another offering that’s loaded for bear.  The chest armor comes with a sizing menu.  And the entire outfit delivers multiple shirt and jacket options and textures, multiple options for wearing the chest armor (with or without cape), two skirt lengths, wonderful accessories (belt, wrist cuffs, hood)…all of which seems to allow for an endless combination of looks.  I love the always-rich texture, a signature of RFyre items.  I find the color black challenging to photograph properly, and so here I opted to showcase “Black Guard II” in a couple of different windlight settings in an effort to convey all the richness and detail of the pieces.

“Black Guard II” is so rich and evocative of another time and place that you’ll find it lowers your guard immediately, compelling you to click on that vendor item and make that purchase.  And all with the knowledge that 100% of the proceeds from this purchase goes to the fight to eradicate cancer.  If that’s not the sweetest victory, I don’t know what is.  Journey to The Tides sim to get a warrior guardian outfit befitting of the Warrior that we all are in this battle.

Fashion Details — FFC Vendor Items

  • Outfit: “Black Guard II” from Raven Pennyfeather, creator of RFyre. The Tides Sim

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