Fantasy Faire — Color!

Color me Joyful!  Day Two of the Fantasy Faire finds more than $9,000 USD currently raised because of YOU and your commitment — demonstrated over and over again — to end cancer.  On top of that wonderful determination and passion, absolutely everyone involved has completely outdone themselves.  I’ve snapped up quite the haul of glorious creations and plan to return to the sims many more times to admire the incredible builds, the incredible heart and determination that is so very evident from beginning to end.  Before then, though, check out these wonderful FFC vendor items, with 100% of the proceeds going to the American Cancer Society in the fight to eradicate cancer.

The aquarium pictured above is more beautiful and longer from end to end than the photo conveys.  It’s such a lovely piece that truly creates quite the soothing effect. I find myself lazily gazing at those elegant schools of lapis and blue fish as they whirl around in gently rolling waters over white sands.  I thought it rather quirky to snap a picture of an aquarium on a deck by the sea. 

The irony made me laugh a bit, and in smiling I immediately thought of this ensemble to wear for the photoshoot.  The dress is an utter burst of color as if a garden exploded.  The exotic butterfly mask skin (an entire skin) is fun and mysterious.  And the kicky-joyful hair is rambunctious and oh so playful. Oh! And the shoes? Take a look at the detail on the heel.  Not only is that a bird cage on a stand, but that’s a bird perched on the edge of the cage and peeking out of the open latch.  An amazing amazing amazing construction!  I’m just smiling and shaking my head in admiration of these creations.  And you will too, I promise you.  Grab the slurls at the end of this post, continue to participate and be the most magical part of the entire Fantasy Faire event.  Because your commitment and resolve to help find a cure is the magic.  It truly is. 

Fashion Details — FFC Vendor Items

  • Skin:  “Butterfly Mask skin 1” from Cutea Benelli, creator of Grim Bros.  Meandervale Sim
  • Shoes:  “Justine” in rouge from Cutea Benelli, creator of Grim Bros.  Meandervale Sim
  • Dress:  “Sanaka” from Azriel Demain, creator of Falln.  Ruins of Nu Orne Sim
  • Hair:  “Amandine” in snow (fantasy pack) from Mirja Mills, creator of EMO-tions.  Shifting Sands Sim
  • Aquarium:  “Fantastic Blue” from Sakula Felisimo, creator of Mi Gallery Art Aquarium shop. Siren’s Secret Sim

Official Fantasy Faire Weblog: HERE

Fantasy Faire Sims List: HERE


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