Fantasy Faire — Hot Lil Demonia

(click photo to view larger and also to unblur!)

This hot news has brought tears to my eyes:  according to the wonderful Fantasy Faire weblog, the Day One Tally accounts for more than $6,500 USD raised.  That’s US DOLLARS.  In…One…Day!!!  Astounding!!

And shocking in a far less pleasant kind of turn, the “Unweaver,” as cancer is called in Faireland Lore, has touched all of us in various ways.  More personally than any of us can ever fully share.  That we join forces without question across cultures, across boundaries, across viewpoints, politics, predispositions, personalities, and situations in the fight to arrive at a cure is a magic and a miracle beyond description. 

In this battle, warriors take all kinds of forms.  Even this hot little devil “Demonia” is joining up arms.  She is a Petite Avatar brought to us by the amazing Elvina Ewing, creator of Caverna Obscura.  “Lil Demonia” fights the good fight so beautifully on the side of all that is Great and Good and Beautiful…just as Lil Demonia herself is, as very very wonderful, amazing, and good friend Dale and I show here.  Thank you always Dale for your always wonderful help…donning your inner Lil Demonia with me, posing, and taking such gorgeous photos like the one immediately above. 

To don your warrior in red “Lil Demonia,” click on the slurl below which will lead you to the Nu Orne sim and Caverna Obscura.  I have to say I’m not a huge clothing or hair mesh fan myself HOWEVER this petite mesh avatar is the BOMB!  Demonia may be tiny but she packs a whallop and is worth every linden.  You get the entire ensemble you see pictured here and things you don’t see like a HUD that allows you to change skin patterns.  In these photos, Dale and I show the skin pattern “lava cracks.”  Did I mention 100% of the proceeds for this purchase goes to the American Cancer Society to eradicate cancer?  Click that slurl, you little devil, and together let’s kick cancer’s ass!


  • Petite Avatar:  Lil Demonia Mesh Avatar, everything you need (except the hair) by Elvina Ewing, creator of Caverna Obscura.  You’ll find this amazing FFC Vendor item at Caverna Obscura in the Ruins of Nu Orne Sim
  • Official Fantasy Faire Weblog:  HERE
  • Fantasy Faire Sims List:  HERE

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