Fantasy Faire ~ Passion & Purpose

It’s coming back to me how this works.  There are so many goodies at the Fantasy Faire that to showcase even half of my FFC vendor purchases, I am going to have to post fast and furious.  So with treasured D on my shoulder and with me always, here’s the first entry that begins with a lovely mer outfit called “Passion Mermaid” from Theta Marseille.  It’s ethereal and luminous and yummy.

As luck and wonderful creations would have it, the beautiful skin (“Francesca” from la petite) and the wonderful shock of hair (“Risen” from EMO-tions) work perfectly with “Passion Mermaid.” 

As do the ethereal “Minnalou Cosmos” eyes in warm purple from VreMode; while these are not a FFC item, their fantasy coloration of pink and purple has made them my favorite pair of eyes to wear.

All of these items (except for the eyes and of course my D) are FFC vendor items, which means 100% of the purchase price goes to the American Cancer Society in the fight to eradicate cancer.  Passion is never a shortage in the SL community, and that’s a beautiful thing.  Go get your passion on at the Fantasy Faire and at the same time help in the fight to find a cure.  Find the Fantasy Faire Sims list HERE, all Fantasy Faire information at the official weblog HERE, and of course the fashion details HERE (below)!


Sirens Secret Sim

    • Outfit:  “Passion Mermaid” by Theta Marseille, creator of Mermaid Treasure & Boutique
    • Neckwear:  “Tribal Purple Accessory” by Theta Marseille, creator of Mermaid Treasure & Boutique

Shifting Sands Sim

    • Hair:  “Risen” in snow (from the fantasy pack) by Mirja Mills, creator of EMO-tions

Shadows Claw Sim

    • Skin:  “Francesca” in twilight (comes with imp ears) by Voshie Paine, creator of la petite morte

ITEMS NOT FFC (but still wonderful!).  Eyes:  “Minnalou Cosmos” in warm purple by Vrem Vaniva, creator of VreMode


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