Fantasy Faire 2012 ~ Sim List

Fantasy Faire has always been my favorite of all of the fairs, and I’m delighted to be an official blogger for this event again.  I’ve heard it said that the Fantasy Faire is “bigger and better” this year.  In some ways that’s true, but the heart of this event is just as big and beautiful as it’s always been.  In terms of the environment, the builds are breathtaking.  I found myself admiring them as much as the vendor items.  Many writers took advantage of early entry to the sims and shopped ’til they dropped. I should know…I was one of them and I was far from alone.  In terms of the ever important participants, take a glance at the official weblog for all of the shoppers (reflected in the lindens raised), builders, creators, writers, organizers, sponsors, advertisers, supporters who are participating.  It’s incredibly powerful, with the most powerful aspect yet to come:  when the doors officially open (soon!…a couple of hours or so!) and all of us join full steam ahead in the critically important work of eradicating cancer.  

If you haven’t already checked out the Fantasy Faire 2012 weblog, I highly recommend that you do.  It’s a wonderful resource and is organized so very clearly.  Even for a slightly dyslexic person like myself, the weblog has been a frequent go-to resource.  But if you’re chomping at the bit and want to get a jump on things, here (below) are the urls to the sims and designers, respectively.  See you there!!


JUNGLE BUNGLE – Epic Toy Factory:

MEANDERVALE – The Looking Glass:

RUINS of NU ORNE – Arcanum:




THE TIDES – Fallen Gods, Inc:


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