Out and About in TimeFlight

It’s fun to see that the Lab is no longer shying away from “your world, your imagination.”  My only additional hope is that they feature the various subcultures more as they expand out that campaign.  They could take a page from Gracie Kendal’s “1000 Avatars“…it’s cool the Lab showcases Gracie’s project but it would be even cooler if they practiced it more explicitly in their marketing.  Gracie’s project is wonderfully direct and effortlessly reveals how rich the inworld diversity is and how beautifully that diversity showcases itself.  And it’s all so very nostalgic, isn’t it.  All the wild and the wonderful, the never seen before, the kookie and fun and astounding.  

I’ve been inworld more than 5 years and still after all this time, I haven’t tried or tested my hand with content creation, other than small little things and just every-now-and-then.  I’m rather like the Apes Banging On Things, who — while I’m glad don’t have to bang on things anymore, didn’t create much of anything…other than a big smile just because they were funny.  Because I haven’t created content, that’s a huge reason why I love showcasing those who do, particularly those like friend Vrem Vanica who has worked her craft tirelessly and devotedly.   Yes, this post is a fashion entry, a SL culture-marketing commentary, and a travelogue all at once!  Because you know, it’s the amazingness of content creators in fashion and builds and scripting and community and all sorts of things who breathe life into imagination and the world.  And the wonderfulness of that spirit and that *doing* is a drum well worth banging.  Here are some pictures of Vrem’s steampunk-ish outfit “TimeFlight,” which is very comfy to wear and sightsee in.  Fashion details follow, as do details about this location and the builder’s accompanying photo contest (check the bottom of this entry for this info).


  • Outfit:  “TimeFlight” by Vrem Vaniva, creator of VreMode
  • Eyes:  “Minnalou Eyes Cosmos” in warm purple by Vrem Vaniva, creatof of VreMode
  • Tattoo:  “Everything Will be Alright” by Apatia Hammerer, creator of Pig
  • Arm bands:  “Nizam bajubandh” in white by Zaara Kohime, creator of Zaara
  • Shoes:  “Watermelon Platform Pumps” by Quiver Quintessa, creator of Nushru
  • Hair (Crazy Hair Hunt item):  “Gaijin” by Kallisti Burns, creator of Discord Designs
  • Earring-Necklace set (group gift):  “Cycle dans la Chocolatrie” by  , creator of PurpleMoon

Location: Ursa Major sim, where a photo contest is currently taking place. 

Here are the details as originally shared by Strawberry Singh on her always wonderful weblog: 

Contest Details: Go to Ganymedes Costagravas’ parcel on the Ursa Major sim and take pictures of his beautiful location.

Contest Ends: April 25th, 2012

1st place – L$4500
2nd place – L$2250
3rd place – L$1125
L$675 to the person who enters the highest variety of pictures

Rules: Read this plurk for all the important rules.

Submitting your entry: Submit your entry by contacting Ganymedes Costragavas inworld.


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