The Eyes Have It

Google Smart Specs is wild.  Not that I’m really advocating this…it’s an incredibly *more obvious* way for people to run into things or fall off of a pier while walking.  Today folks fall off a pier while texting but now they can do it while keeping their heads up!  Cool!  (not!)  Still, check out this video on a hypothetical Day in the Life when wearing the latest Google creation:

I can’t help but see how this latest Google project harkons back to my nanowrimo story “Concentricity” of nearly three years ago.  It’s a rambling, nonsensical tale, admittedly.  Although I had a purpose in mind, no matter how the final execution of the creation came out.  Chapter 9 (below) could have foretold Google Smart Specs.  Guess I’ll be *really* impressed when the device is “embedded within the back of our eyeballs” … egads…did I just quote and paraphrase myself?   

Oh…and when folks get hit by a car or fall off of a pier when they wear Google Not-So-Smart Specs, I’ll be the first to say, “nanowrimo story?  Whatever are you talking about? 

From “Concentricity,” my nanowrimo effort of three years ago:

…“No, no,” Forge urged Emily, “don’t be distracted.  Stay with this.  Look into Pat’s eyes, as corny as that sounds.  Just do it.”

Pat tilted her head softly, as if to signify apology to Emily, although Emily had no idea why Pat would need to indicate apology or what exactly Pat had to do with anything regarding Forge.  For all that Emily knew, Pat genuinely didn’t like the man.  She couldn’t imagine the two having conversations of any length that would result in Pat providing an example at Forge’s request.  No matter what the example was of.

Emily leaned forward into Pat’s leaning and stared into her friend’s eyes, not knowing what she could possibly expect to see besides the brilliant blue speckled with flecks of silver.  And then it happened.  Emily jumped.

“Whaaaa…t?” she gasped as compulsively as she had gasped when she had been transported to that possible most probable future state where she was looking into a room with a bed on which Pat lay dying and over which a strange man hovered only to turn and latch his gaze onto Emily’s eyes, revealing some mechanism inside of his head through which he watched things that were normally seen on a computer screen.  Or a television.  But instead they were in his head.  Behind his eyes.  And his eyes had glinted.  Just like Pat’s did just a few seconds ago, Emily gasped in a silent completely confused rush inside her mind.  Both of their eyes had flashed the same way…like muscle memory, she chanted deliriously inside of her thoughts, the same way but in separate people but with the same reaction the same outcome.  They had flashed every so subtlely and in the flashing at just the right angle for some reason that Pat couldn’t even begin to explain — she leaves the explanations up to Forge and his team of phsyicians (what else coudl they be?!?) – Pat gave Emily an inside view at the images that played across the back of Pat’s mind (or was it the front of her mind?  maybe th efront of Pat’s mind)…all of which were pouring out in a wildy unreal stream from within the very center of Pat’s inner eye.


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