Blurring the Divide

After glancing at Mashable’s slideshow on the latest and greatest social networks to watch, I am knocked over by how much these apps provide much of the same functionality we find and enjoy inworld. 

9 Hot Social Networks to Watch

Many of them “gather information nearby about events, friends in the area, people in the area…” 

If that’s not an atomic version of SL maps, minimaps, friends lists, I’m not sure what would be.  Seems something rather LARGE is going on with all of this but I’m unable to articulate the significance of all of these changes that we’re all observing and participating in.  Maybe it’s as simple as asking:  is the divide between atomic and inworld really all that vast any more?  Obviously both worlds have their distinct characteristics, but when fashion and activism, community and status, personalities and relationships, arts and expression, and now inworld tools and atomic world apps flow so effortlessly in both directions…it seems to beg the question or beg that the question be examined again.  Or that the question be reframed.  To what, I don’t yet know.  Do you?  If so please share! But I do wonder where all of this is leading.  To some kind of even deeper convergence between inworld and atomic worlds?  And what will that look like and be like, I wonder?  Seriously.

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