Sampling Epoque

Although I won’t be able to showcase every FFL vendor item I purchased this year before the event ends on March 20th and the sims close, here’s a sampling of some of the wonderful items from Dreamseeker Epoque, with a little bit of Dreamseeker Aika thrown in.

I start with the itty bitty “Pink Dotty” lingerie set (stockings not included).  Then, ease into the day with the very crisp and chic look of “Douville.” 

And, round it all out with an amazing nighttime formal, the “Serenity” gown (which comes with the hat, and also with a jacket that I don’t show). 

And of course, punctuating the “It’s Time” theme is a wonderful clock necklace “Tick-Tock Hans Hase.”  It hangs down the front, but I positioned it to drape down the back. 

A cool thing about this clock:  you can set it to many atomic timezones.  Speaking of zones, stay in your zone and grab the slurls because every linden raised counts in a huge, huge way!

Fashion details for the FFL Vendor items show in this post.  100% of the proceeds goes to the American Cancer Society in the fight to eliminate cancer.

  • Gown:  “Serenity” by Lillou Merlin, creator of Lillou Merlin Design.  Direct taxi Dreamseeker Epoque
  • Outfit:  “Douville” by MariaElena Barbosa, creator of MEB.  Comes with jacket, scarf, pants, belts, and shoes.  Direct taxi Dreamseeker Epoque
  • Clock:  “Tick-Tock Hans Hase” from Bliensen+Mai Tai.  Direct taxi Dreamseeker Epoque
  • Lingerie:  “Sweet 16 Pink Dotty” (stockings not included) by Freya Olivieri creator of Mon Cheri located in the Dreamseeker Aika sim.

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