BoHo Incognito

There are days when you want to dash about the grid in casual glam.  You know the look.  Where everything feels very easy-going, comfy, almost tossled and somehow still commands a polished, pulled together vibe.  BoHo HoBo marries together those two concepts: a very “thrown on” laid back casualness and if you have the verve, a very cool status vibe.  The brand has fast become a new favorite.  At the Fashion for Life event, BoHo HoBo offers four FFL vendor items.  I ran back last night and snapped up another one.  The one I show in this entry is called “FFL Outfit 4.”  Don’t let the name fool you…throw on a pair of aviators and this outfit definitely can carry a celebrity-incognito feel.

You’ll find you get a great deal of bang for your lindens with BoHo HoBo items.  Check the details below to see all that you receive in this one purchase…that plus the happiness of knowing that 100% of the proceeds goes to the American Cancer Society in its efforts to eradicate cancer.  Now, achieving that will be stellar status, indeed!

Details on FFL Vendor Item, 100 % of the proceeds goes to the American Cancer Society

  • Outfit:  “FFL Outfit 4,” from Trill Zapatero, creator of BoHo HoBo. Comes with a beanie, tibetan cloud scarf, blue boatneck tee, patched jeans (with bellbottom and cuff versions both, and two belt tab attachments).  BoHo is in the Dreamseeker Aika sim.

Details on items shown here that are not at the FFL and not FFL vendor items

  • Hair:  “Airy Long” with Military Cap in red from rika Oyen, creator of Argrace
  • Boots: “Old Boots” in reddish by Fallingwater Cellardoor (what a great name and a being who’s been inworld since 2003!!), creator of Shiny Things
  • Glasses:  “Police SG” in female from a shop I stumbled upon a while ago called BLITZED; the sunglasses came in female and male versions in one purchase

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