Riddle me this

Three-quarters through the second day of the Fashion for Life event and the amount raised so far is nearing the 3 million linden mark.  (Update:  On the evening of Day 2 the amount raised surpassed the 3 million linden mark!)  Anyway you look at it, it’s a great opening for an incredibly important event that runs from March 10th-20th. 

Here’s another great opening:  this very cute little number from Riddle that I paired with another FFL vendor item, the earring and bracelets from Aurora Borealis. 

“Lace Dress” from Riddle is a FFL vendor item as are the earrings and bracelets from Aurora Borealis, which means that 100% of the proceeds go to the American Cancer Society to help in the fight to eliminate cancer.  Now if that goal and this outfit doesn’t make you happy, I don’t know what will.   Well, actually, I do.  Realizing both goals will…so go on.  Head to the Dreamseeker sim and go get your happy on!

FFL VENDOR Fashion Details… Head to the Dreamseeker sim

  • Dress:  “Lace Dress” in teal (a FFL item) by Chrystina Noel creator of Riddle
  • Earrings & Bracelet:  “Eggcelent” in silver (a FFL item) by Sequoia Nightfire creator of Aurora Borealis

Fashion Details for items shown that are NOT FFL vendor items

  • Tights: “I Heart You” in sheer white (not a FFL vendor item) by Chrystina Noel creator of Riddle
  • Necklace:  “Tente” in forest from je::suis
  • Hair:  “02 flower” in black from Dura X ARAI 
  • Boots:  “Prestige”  in silver leather from Bax Coen creator of Bax Coen Designs
  • Skin:  “Dyna” delicious skin by Arcy Halfpint creator of Fall Out/Fall In

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