It’s always time

…to join in the battle to fight cancer.  Fashion for Life begins in SL and runs from March 10th-20th. 

This year’s theme is “It’s Time.”  Last night I did my first fly-through of two of the ten sims:  Future and Dreamseeker.  I picked up many lovely items, the vast majority from the FFL vendors — including this gorgeous gown from Purple Moon — where 100 % of the proceeds goes to the American Cancer Society in the battle to eradicate cancer.  While I did purchase a couple of non-FFL items (from new designers I hadn’t encountered before), my personal habit is to head straight to the FFL vendors where I know that my lindens are going to do some good.  Because not only is cancer in the public domain in all worlds, but this fight has become so incredibly personal to every one of us.  So don your Diva-Warrior attitude, please dress for lag (you can bet the sims will be visited heavily because the SL community is so wonderful about rising to the cause), and take up arms in the battle against cancer.  At the same time, you’ll be sure to pick up many truly truly lovely items. 

A very happy sidenote:  many of the FFL items are in a variety of colorways, thank goodness.  I’m all for pink and purple but frankly cancer doesn’t know any color and a great deal more can be raised when these wonderful FFL fashions are offered in a variety of hues.  Thank you, talented creators, for realizing this. 


Gown:  “Nala” in black by Poulet Koenkamp creator of Purple Moon, which is located in the Dreamseeker sim .  100% of the proceeds for this purchase goes to the American Cancer Society.


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