Sunday morning


Some of the simpliest things in life (all lives) give me such pleasure.  One of those things is ambling lazily out of bed early on Sunday mornings to breathe in all of the senses of the pre-day.  I do so enjoy the quiet, gentle awakening of life, the earth and grid.  And in the West as we inch increasingly into Spring, it’s just a wonderful time to ease into the season and take in the spectacular cycle of birth and bloom.  This Sunday morning as I lazed about rather early, I found myself seeking equally gentle, comfy, refreshing clothing.  “Babydoll” from delightful, talented and wonderful friend Vrem Vaniva fit that bill exactly.  I pair “Babydoll” with a wonderful spinning light created and gifted to me by v v wonderful and uber talented friend Dale.  The tossled locks are from Dura, a great new hair shop where I admit I went on a spending spree.


This sweet little dress is fashion I could stay in all day and still look cozy and beautiful throughout all the hours.  In “Babydoll,” Vrem has created gloriously feminine sleepwear, lazing-prettily-through-the-day wear, and blissfully-breathing-in-the-flowers wear all at the same time.  I’ve truly enjoyed watching Vrem not only take on the challenge of creating fashion (something I have always wanted to try to do but haven’t the first idea how to do) but also I really enjoy appreciating how Vrem keeps working her craft and has developed it so beautifully.  Do see what I mean.  Head over to her store VreMode, pick up not only this gorgeous item but do check out her many other wonderful creations.  Be sure to also check out Dale’s shop in the marketplace where you will find his endlessly amazing Thingmaker and Placemaker.  I have both and utterly love them.

Fashion Details

  • Dress:  “Babydoll” in blue from Vrem Vaniva, creator of VreMode
  • Spinning Light:  “Fire,” gift from v v wonderful & creative friend Dale (check out his amazing inventions in the Store of Dale Innis on the marketplace)
  • Hair:  “Boys&Girls 24” in black from chiaki Xue, creator of Dura

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