The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.  George Bernard Shaw

To the Uncommon Thinkers, all the subcultures and fantastical elements of Second Life.  Long may they live.

Blurring the Divide

After glancing at Mashable’s slideshow on the latest and greatest social networks to watch, I am knocked over by how much these apps provide much of the same functionality we find and enjoy inworld. 

9 Hot Social Networks to Watch

Many of them “gather information nearby about events, friends in the area, people in the area…” 

If that’s not an atomic version of SL maps, minimaps, friends lists, I’m not sure what would be.  Seems something rather LARGE is going on with all of this but I’m unable to articulate the significance of all of these changes that we’re all observing and participating in.  Maybe it’s as simple as asking:  is the divide between atomic and inworld really all that vast any more?  Obviously both worlds have their distinct characteristics, but when fashion and activism, community and status, personalities and relationships, arts and expression, and now inworld tools and atomic world apps flow so effortlessly in both directions…it seems to beg the question or beg that the question be examined again.  Or that the question be reframed.  To what, I don’t yet know.  Do you?  If so please share! But I do wonder where all of this is leading.  To some kind of even deeper convergence between inworld and atomic worlds?  And what will that look like and be like, I wonder?  Seriously.

Mad Dash Sampler of Dreamseeker Zeit

And here it is…the Big Finish of this year’s Fashion for Life event.  Today is the last day to race through the Dreamseeker sims and pick up FFL vendor items, where 100% of the proceeds goes to the American Cancer Society.  As of this morning the total raised so far is more than 5 million lindens!  With several more hours remaining, there’s still time to add to that pot.  If you have time, fly through the event again.  I know that I will because afterall it is indeed long since time to find a cure.  See below for details and slurls for the items shown here…and see you there!

Details & Slurls for FFL Vendor items shown here (100% of the proceeds goes to the American Cancer Society)

  • Dress:  “Star” courte bleu by pixivor Allen creator of Alafolie.  Direct taxi Dreamseeker Zeit
  • Gown:  “Qipao” in lavendar by Zalyn Bailey creator of VoguE.  Direct taxi Dreamseeker Zeit
  • Top & Shorts:  “Melanie striped turtleneck” (top) with “Nikki sequined hotpants” (shorts) both by Erratic Rain creator of Erratic.  Direct taxi Dreamseeker Zeit
  • Eyes:  “Sand” by Ikon Innovia creator of IKON.  Direct taxi Dreamseeker Zeit

Details for the items shown that are not FFL vendor items

  • Hair (worn with Top & Shorts outfit from Erratic):  “Emo-02B” in red from Dura
  • Leggings:  “I Heart You” in sheer white from Riddle
  • Skates:  “CyberJammer” in black/purple from DV8
  • Skin (worn with Top & Shorts outfit from Erratic):  “Beach-Osprey” in acorn (dark) from Curio

Sampling Epoque

Although I won’t be able to showcase every FFL vendor item I purchased this year before the event ends on March 20th and the sims close, here’s a sampling of some of the wonderful items from Dreamseeker Epoque, with a little bit of Dreamseeker Aika thrown in.

I start with the itty bitty “Pink Dotty” lingerie set (stockings not included).  Then, ease into the day with the very crisp and chic look of “Douville.” 

And, round it all out with an amazing nighttime formal, the “Serenity” gown (which comes with the hat, and also with a jacket that I don’t show). 

And of course, punctuating the “It’s Time” theme is a wonderful clock necklace “Tick-Tock Hans Hase.”  It hangs down the front, but I positioned it to drape down the back. 

A cool thing about this clock:  you can set it to many atomic timezones.  Speaking of zones, stay in your zone and grab the slurls because every linden raised counts in a huge, huge way!

Fashion details for the FFL Vendor items show in this post.  100% of the proceeds goes to the American Cancer Society in the fight to eliminate cancer.

  • Gown:  “Serenity” by Lillou Merlin, creator of Lillou Merlin Design.  Direct taxi Dreamseeker Epoque
  • Outfit:  “Douville” by MariaElena Barbosa, creator of MEB.  Comes with jacket, scarf, pants, belts, and shoes.  Direct taxi Dreamseeker Epoque
  • Clock:  “Tick-Tock Hans Hase” from Bliensen+Mai Tai.  Direct taxi Dreamseeker Epoque
  • Lingerie:  “Sweet 16 Pink Dotty” (stockings not included) by Freya Olivieri creator of Mon Cheri located in the Dreamseeker Aika sim.

Got the moves

BoHo HoBo offers fashion that is very easy going and yeah hip.  Today’s look is yet another BoHo HoBo FFL vendor offering that you can style to go from laid back to urban cool.  (And again, creator Trill Zapatero has made the vendor offering loaded to bear.)  I veered toward urban cool for this post.  (Please note, my shape is very curvy…that fact combined with some of the poses makes skirts look like they don’t fit correctly, but they really do). 

With only two days remaining in the FFL event, you gotta move fast to snap up some of these lovely items at the Dreamseeker sims and help in the fight against cancer.  The FFL website reports the total amount raised as of this morning at more than 4.8 million lindens.  I’ll be doing posts fast and furious the next two days to showcase more of the wonderful FFL vendor items I snapped up…and then I’ll be heading back to the sims.  See you there with your moves like Jagger.

Details on FFL Vendor Item, 100 % of the proceeds goes to the American Cancer Society

  • Outfit: “FFL Outfit 1,” from Trill Zapatero, creator of BoHo HoBo. Comes with beanie, skirt, shirt, jacket, leggings. Direct taxi Dreamseeker Aika sim.

If I have time, I will come back and update this post with details and slurls on the on items shown here that are not at the FFL and not FFL vendor items…but for now I’m fully in that race for the cure, just like you!


Time is and so is this lovely gown “Time is Precious”, branded as the image for this year’s Fashion for Life event.  Day 7 tally puts the lindens raised thusfar at nearly 4.7 million lindens.  With three days remaining, I’ve been racing through the sims and picked up a multitude of gorgeous FFL vendor items, a small sampling of which are shown here. 

I only hope I’m able to do weblog entries on them all before the event ends.  Many of the FFL vendor items this morning are listed at 55L!  Not only is the price amazing, but truly no matter the price, the FFL vendor items are gorgeous and 100% of the proceeds from each FFL vendor goes to the American Cancer Society in the fight to find a cure for cancer.  It doesn’t get any better than that, other than the day when a cure is found.  And the knowledge that all of us had a major, major hand in making that dream a reality.  Take the slurls below and continue in the pursuit of realizing that dream.

Gown:  “Time is Precious” (slim skirt with and without feathers, and a full skirt option) by Kimmera Madison creator of Tres Beau.  Direct taxi Dreamseeker Epoque

Skin:  “Precious Muse ~ Fierce” (with and without freckles, with and without cleavage) by Ameshaw Jewell creator of Heartsick.  Direct taxi Dreamseeker Epoque

Skin:  “Susi” by AntoinetteJordan Resident creator of Antz Skin.  Direct taxi Dreamseeker Epoque

Lipcolor (shown with “Susi” skin only):  “Glace” purple pack in African Violet Lip 0 by Mocksoup Graves creator of Mock.  Dreamseeker Zeit


Fashion Items not FFL and not at the event

Hair (short):  “Dura Boys&Girls 13” in black by  (name) creator of Dura

Earrings & Necklace:  “Giulia” by Squinternet Larnia creator of Donna Flora

Hair (pulled back):  “Sunday” in onyx by (name) creator of Analog Dog