Piercing the Veil

A while back, friend and talented fashion creator Tiffy Vella dropped a lovely pillbox hat and glove set to me.  Her aptly named “Little Black Pillbox” hat and glove ensemble is refined and demure and yet there is something decidedly saucy about it as well…or that could just be my nature to showcase the sauciness.  Like so:  pairing Tiffy’s “Little Black Pillbox” ensemble in pearl with an oldie but goodie little black lingerie set of more than two years ago from Blacklace.  Not only do I like this pairing, but wearing lingerie also provides an opportunity to showcase a beautiful skin from Style by Kira creator Kira Paderborn.  “Nessima” in gold is a special edition skin that Kira created for a recent Debutante Fashion Show (modeled in by yours truly and several other lovelies) that was put together by uber talented friend Shenlei Flasheart and featured Shen’s latest spectacular gowns.  While “Nessima” in gold is not available for sale, I show it because it so beautifully represents the lovely hand Kira brings to all of the gorgeous skins in her shop.  Beautiful facial features.  Beautiful contouring of the body.  Really quite a delicious skin with a fresh look that you won’t see coming and going when you’re out and about inworld. 

Here (below) is a closeup of both “Nessima” (in portrait) but also the veil and pearl treatment on Tiffy’s “Little Black Pillbox Hat.”  (And yes the image was photoshopped just a touch to smooth out the pixelation on the skin, for example around the nose.)  A fun thing about Tiffy’s hat and glove ensemble is that the pearls along both the veil and the glove toppers provide for color-changing options of about 10 or 11 different colors.  If pearls aren’t your flavor, Tiffy also offers the ensemble with texture-changing feathers or texture-changing roses. 

Very seductive in anything barely there or mood light.  But to show more details of the hat and gloves a bit better, here (below) are two more images in different windlight settings.  And if you click the image to enlarge, the images focus more crisply than they do in the body of this weblog entry, for some reason.

No matter the lighting, the dress or the lingerie, for that matter, these wonderful creations hold up beautifully for all occasions and all style aesthetics.  Both for the refined and the demure and yes, indeed, quite indeed, for the decidedly saucy as well.

Fashion Details

Hat and Gloves:  “Little Black Pillbox Hat” ensemble, in pearl, from Eclectica Jewellery & Accoutrements creator Tiffy Vella

Skin:  “Nessima” in gold special edition (not available for sale) but check out the many other gorgeous skins by “Style by Kira” creator Kira Paderborn.