Dear friend and uber talented designer and community builder Shenlei Flasheart, gave me a couple of her new releases from her Debutante line of gowns.  How Shenlei finds time to design new gowns is beyond me, in the midst of creating and growing the already very popular Carriage Trade equestrian community, writing numerous books on fashion and virtual worlds, planning and running numerous community hunts and events, on top of her ongoing work in Open Sim.  But fortunately for us, Shenlei does find a way to do all these things and beautifully so as evidenced by her latest creation “Rosamunda.”

An evocative gown in many ways, including the very sexy open bodice, I find “Rosamunda” also to be quite celebratory…a perfect display of splendor for the holiday season and suitable for any type of inworld culture.   I show it with “Poinsettia” in blue ice from Vanity Hair. 

The texture of “Rosamunda” has a haute couture Diane Von Furstenberg feel that I just adore. That plus the wonderfully opulent cutouts along the torso and back made “Rosamunda” an immediate favorite.  I’m certain that will be the case for those who enjoy a refreshing perspective on the holiday gown…opulent yet refined and one of a kind.  Catch the taxis below to pick up a holiday look all your own.

Fashion Details

Gown:  “Rosamunda” in blue from Debutante, creator Shenlei Flasheart

Hair:  “Poinsettia” Blue Ice edition from Vanity Hair, creator Tabata Jewell


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