Collabor88 10/8-11/8

I think there’s a day or two left to pick up several adorable items available since October 8th at the Collabor88 venue.  If I’m not mistaken, a whole new set of items will rotate into the venue on November 8th.  Until then, here are some of the existing items that you can still pick up over the weekend.  All of these photos were taken on very very wonderful and good friend Dale Innis’s amazing Placemaker, which randomly generates a seemingly endless array of fantastic plazas (all of which you can save and modify if you so choose).  The Placemaker generates wonderful checks and textures and objects, including objects like the benches, flamingos, water fountains, and more. I just love the Placemaker and find the combinations it produces fascinating, particularly since I haven’t yet seen it repeat itself.

As for the items at Collabor88, here I am wearing several yummies, each 88L:  hair from [e], skin from Tres Blah, panties from BOOM, and a dress from Kyoot.  These are all very cute items for very little lindens and available only at Collabor88 for the next two days.  As for the Placemaker, for all the endless types and sizes of plazas it rezzes for you, the Placemaker is so very very well worth the purchase price.   Check out the end of this post for item details and slurls.


  • Plaza:  Placemaker Plaza, created by Dale Innis and available at The Store of Dale Innis on the SL Marketplace
  • Items at Collabor88:
    • Panties:  “Pop unders” from Aranel Ah, creator of BOOM (worn in photo with the shirt from Kyoot’s  “Antiqued Autumn Orange dress, also at Collabor88)
    • Hair:  “Fight” from Elika Tiramisu, creator of [elikatira]
    • Hair:  “Shine” from [elikatira]
    • Skin:  “Garbo” from Julliette Westerburg, creator of  Tres Blah
    • Dress:  “Antiqued Autumn Orange” from Saeya Nyanda, creator of Kyoot (leggings shown in the photo not included)

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