50,000 words … 50 pictures

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then my foray into nanowrimo11 will be 50 pictures in 30 days for the equivalent of 50,000 words.  (I should put a “plus or minus” next to “30 days” with *huge* emphasis on the “plus” side of that equation, if history is any predictor.)  I haven’t yet thought of a title and I have no idea if the photos will link together into any kind of overarching theme or story (it would be nice if they did, but I’m not counting on it)…but I know that every day I will work hard to develop any level of skill in telling a story by way of images.  I suspect that just like with writing, it’s all in the process…(and quieting the internal editor).

Here then are the first 2,000 words, followed by the compliation of the two images.  This “chapter” could very well be called “Evolution” …or “Once Upon a Newborn.”  I kind of like “Once Upon a Newborn.”

Photo 1:  1,000 words

Photo 2:  1,000 words

And here’s my compilation (along with only my second encounter with the Pen tool in Photoshop made possible through a great online tutorial found here.)

Nanowrimo11 (or nanopicmo11, more accurately) word count todate:  2,000 words

Nonowrimo10 word count remaining:  6,500 and some change…maybe by December 2011!


2 thoughts on “50,000 words … 50 pictures

  1. If only I could execute the idea well. Utterly genius wonderful you…always so supportive…thank you thank you thank you always 🙂 🙂 🙂

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