Halloween Treat

One of the things in the SL culture that I value so much is the spirit of open-minded creativity.  That type of mindset flows in a few directions:  from content creators to all of us who inhabit the world whether or not we intentionally seek to create content.  Many express their identity as well as their creativity in what they wear…which is probably why I enjoy inworld fashion so much; and I also have huge appreciation for how difficult it is to create many of fashion items in the first place.  Take for instance this wonderfully explosive and complex halloween ensemble created by Jewel Barth, owner of @BEAST@ (picture below).  (Did I mention this outfit is only 50L!?)  The other day, I was in Innsmouth posing in this amazing outfit.  I thought I would post a simple Happy Halloween greeting using the photo, but what happened was a chance encounter with NicoleX Moonwall, a dedicated and talented machinimist who was filming in the sim.  Nicole spotted me on the bridge, sent an IM to me and asked if she could include me in the film as I went about my business in Innsmouth.  Of course, I was very flattered and said yes, and so here is the test film that Nicole posted to her YouTube account yesterday.  My appearance is at the 5:00 minute mark (give or take) and runs through to just about the conclusion of the piece.  Not only was it alot of fun to be asked by a creative talent to participate in a work but it was really so very much fun to have also made another friend along the way.


Happy Halloween everyone!


2 thoughts on “Halloween Treat

  1. Finally got around to actually watching this; how many months later? 🙂 That’s also you at the very beginning, I think? Fun and disturbing. Creepy music! And you flit about and vanish and reappear very startlingly…

    1. It is it is! I thought it was creepy and disturbing too and my AO that does that vanish and reappear thing fit in perfectly with the tone and the Halloween-ish of it all. I’m grateful I was just an “actor” in it. The real me is not disappearing but staying right where I am and have always, will always be. 🙂

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