A sense of place

What I love so much about fashion in all worlds is the sense of place it can provide.   This splendorous new creation from Mashooka immediately transports you into a specific story or place.   While this outfit is a wedding outfit, in it, I felt very much the exotic princess out for a stroll on my private terrace — entirely created by v v wonderful friend Dale Innis and his amazing Placemaker PlazaDale’s ingenious Placemaker Plaza randomly crafts fully designed courtyards of various textures and sizes (from cozy to huge), all of which you can save and add to if you choose…like adding dance balls for example.  Or, like me, you’ll keep clicking the rezzer to fascinate over all the complexity in each plaza.  My favorites so far are those that include checker textures, flamingo statues, and water pools (like the one above).

Mashooka’s latest creation isn’t infinite in the number of looks it produces, but it definitely communicates a richly context.  Its exotic appeal immediately caught my eye, but I have to share that this outfit is not inexpensive.  It also does not come with the pearl jewelry, all from Mashooka, which isn’t inexpensive either.  I debated more than a little bit about dropping the lindens for this entire look.  But after several repeat visits to the shop, I finally took the plunge and bought the items because it’s just so luxurious.  I couldn’t think of a better outfit to be photographed in that would serve as such a wonderful compliment to the richness of both Dale’s Placemaker Plaza (above) and a garden in full bloom (below).  Pick up the Placemaker Plaza and any item from Mashooka and feel yourself transported to a wonderfully perfect sense of place.  Item details and slurls follow.


  • Plaza:  Placemaker Plaza, created by Dale Innis and available at The Store of Dale Innis on the SL Marketplace
  • Earrings and Nosering:  Aradhana Jewels in Silver, created by Aradhana Voight of Mashooka
  • Hand Jewelry:  Aradhana Jewels Handornament Set in Silver, from Mashooka
  • Gown and Veil:  Deewangee Wedding in Bordeaux, includes bindi, hand henna, from Mashooka
  • Necklace and Choker:  Royal Rajput (gold-ruby) necklace set, from Mashooka
  • Belt:  Royal Rajput (gold-ruby) belt, from Mashooka
  • Hair:  Trinity in night, created by Truth Hawks of Truth
  • Eyes:  Sunrise in light brown, created by Ikon Innovia of Fashism

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