You can leave your Cloche hats on

My friend Tiffy Vella, creator of Eclectica Jewellery & Accoutrements (slurl here),  has been on a design roll these days.  As shown on her weblog and here, Tiffy’s latest creations are these wonderful Cloche hats.  I just adore them because I do love a fun hat.  But Tiffy’s hats do more than sit so prettily on the head.  Her Cloche hats come with hair plus they are scripted for resizing as well as color changing options if you’d like to switch out the color of the hat itself, the band, and/or the hair.

I wear Tiffy’s knitted version first.  It does come with a short sweet almost Betty Boop type hair style that isn’t visible from the side, but trust me the hair is there and it’s adorable.  I wanted to highlight the texture of this hat, which is why I captured the second photo (below) in a windlight setting that popped the dimension of the flower on the side.  Such an adorable hat!  The knitted Cloche hat definitely can pull off a very coppertone suntan lotion look and just as easily it would compliment the flowing sundress you wear for a walk through a flower meadow or to join friends at a picnic or to attend the SL8B celebrations.  This is a summer hat that is so easy and breezy to live in for the entire season.

For the Ladies Who Lunch set, Tiffy doesn’t disappoint with her Cloche felt hat (below).  It too comes with hair and scripts for resizing as well as color changing options for the hat itself, the band, and the hair.  With the felt version, the band changing options consists of different animal prints.  I show this felt beauty first in black and then in tan.  Note the large jewel and feather on the side of the band that adds such an elegant touch of panache.  Perfect for being On the Town, or checking out new builds on the grid, or revisiting AM Radio’s builds as early and as often as possible while they are still inworld.  (For more information on the upcoming close of AM Radio builds, check out Daniel Voyager’s weblog here.)  But no matter where you go in Tiffy’s hats, one thing is certain:  you’ll most definitely arrive in great style.  Here’s the slurl again to Eclectica Jewellery!

Reflections (literally) on Giants Within

Over the past several months, I’ve read a fashion weblogger I really admire rave about Kirstens viewer.  I became curious so I installed it, tried it a couple of times only to find that for some reason I kept crashing every time I tried to log in.  I tried it again today, hoping I wouldn’t crash and that I could take my usual several hours to set up for a photo session of wonderful new items that Tiffy Vella, creator of Eclectica Jewellery, dropped to me.  Happily, I didn’t crash when I logged in, but I was very much Ruth’d … Glow Ruth, not the Original Ruth, who despite the awkward appearance would be kinda fun to see again on occasion.  (You know, nostalgia and all!)  So, I relogged — hoping I would un-Ruth — but I didn’t.  So then I teleported thinking maybe that would do the trick.  Nope…still all aglow, but the sun and the shadows, which I understand V2 has as well, made for an interesting effect.  Take a look…just me, Glow Me, and my reflection:

Giants within…on multiple levels (even for our avatars) and even in all worlds it would appear.  Very fun, very much fun indeed!

Speaking of Amazing Giants…Happy Father’s Day!!


One can never have too many items from Eclectica Jewellery & Accoutrements.   A couple of weeks ago, uber talented designer and Eclectica creator Tiffy Vella dropped her latest release to me:   the “Deco” ensemble (earrings, necklace, bracelet, and belt).    If the atomic world hadn’t been just a bit hectic of late (with that stabilizing soon), I would have showcased “Deco” immediately.

“Deco” brims over with gorgeousness and a clearly amazing level of intricacy as do all of Tiffy’s creations.   This is a very patient artist, Tiffy is, who somehow delights in the minuteness of design, understanding so thoroughly how each piece in the tiniest detail works within the entire structure to create a most expressive and complete vision that requires no words to appreciate its beauty.  Through various atomic life firsthand experience, I’ve seen that usually people tend to be stronger at vision or tactics, but very very rarely is there a soul who can envision something and execute it exceedingly well from the tiniest of details to the whole.   When it comes to the world of amazing impossibly intricate jewellery that people immediately love, Tiffy delivers time and time again.  Her vision for each piece and ensemble is really so beautiful.  And her ability to bring it to form consistently each time is just amazing.  Truly, fans of her work, like I am, are so very very happy that she’s able to do both.

And you will be too…here’s the slurl again where you can see Tiffy’s work firsthand if you haven’t already (and if you haven’t, you really should):  Eclectica Jewellery & Accoutrements.