In search of Picasso

In the process of moving sliders to see how strongly I identify with a particular shape and face (and I really do), I began to push the facial sliders along the extreme.  Not so much to challenge my sense of identity, but I suddenly wondered if I could approximate a portrait that mimmicked Picasso’s signature “full face and profile” portraits.  Here’s my first attempt:

I think it’s not possible to mimmick Picasso’s full face and portrait technique fully inworld.  Even the extremely loose approximation shown above was tricky to achieve.  The other thing I noticed is that even with exaggerated slider positions, the world really is quite hardwired for conventional notions of beauty.


2 thoughts on “In search of Picasso

  1. You’re wonderful 🙂 … thank you, smiling, always. I like that link to the Art History weblog entry on Picasso that I stumbled upon when I searched for the name of this particular technique he used. I thought it was a very neat discussion of what he conveyed with the full face and portrait series.

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