Celestial … Shine on


Last week by way of a Tweet from Ziki Questi, I learned that Celestial Studios is closing.  Not that I doubted the tweet, but I later saw this news verified on Celestial creator Starley Therein’s weblog here.   

Celestial Studios is one of the very first stores I stumbled upon — and gratefully so — as a newborn nearly 4-1/2 years ago.  I couldn’t help but feel a twinge of nostalgia at the news of its closing and its subsequent fire sale  (individual items priced at 25L and fat packs priced at 100L).   It’s stunning to realize that Celestial Studios has been inworld for 7 years.  I mean I still feel like a newborn by comparison and I still remember the hours I spent there all those years ago looking at the many creations that I thought were so wonderful when my inventory count was a mere 500 items or less.  The thing is, all these years later I still think these creations are wonderful and my inventory count is nearly 100 times greater now.   

So returning there again was more a special experience of revisiting some of my newborn days than it was a shopping expedition (although shopping did occur!)  Absolutely, I shared this experience with my very very wonderful friend.  We were born inworld the same year, within a week, holding the same feelings and experiences, all of which made revisiting Celestial perfect really.  We both snapped up a number of wonderful creations.  In this weblog entry, I show a few of the items I picked up.  Everything but the skins, jewelery, glasses, and nylon stockings-garters (in the second to last photo) are items still available at fire sale prices.  That is until May 25th, when the bright light of Celestial shines for the last time in stores…but forever for the many of us who are and always will be fond fans.


2 thoughts on “Celestial … Shine on

  1. Celestial is great! When I am a girl, one of the skins that I wear most often is from the Celestial “Charmed” line. I don’t remember anything about when/how I got it, but I’m very fond of it. (I think this picture shows it.)

    Thanks for mentioning the sale; I think I bought one or two… dozen things. 🙂

  2. It was perfect going there with you, always. :)) I originally mentioned that you wear a Celestial skin and make it so beautiful (because of your gorgeousness), but I removed that text thinking it really is only right for *you* to announce (if you wanted to) the maker of skins you wear. It’s a gorgeous skin but you make it completely gorgeous. And yeah, laughing, I think we both bought one or two dozen things! :)) Such great wonderful fun! Always :))

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