Fascinating video from Seth Godin about “how ideas spread” and the disruption of the publishing industry.  Reminds me of the approach some well known musicians have taken to cope with the disruption in their industry.

Education’s going through its own disruption “growth pains” (more like “burning platform”) pretty severely these days, as is true for many industries.  Increasingly the meetings I attend have at their core (and agenda bullet-items) discussions around the very real need to “adapt or die.”   It can be overwhelming.  For the fortunate, a true vision of the future can come of these hard, far from easy discussions.  For most, the instinctive, typical reaction is to scramble frantically by doing what others already did 5-10 years past and throw anything to the wall to see what sticks.  These are oddly fascinating, Interesting, challenging times with no clear or easy answers.


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