Exquisite Swoon

RL has been incredibly hectic, with this week no different in that regard, but before I get caught up in appointments, I wanted to showcase a couple of nearly-new items that were dropped to me a couple of months ago by Eclectica creator Tiffy Vella.  (I say “nearly-new” because my schedule didn’t allow me to display them until now.  When Tiffy dropped them to me, they were brand spanking new.)

But time is relative and what’s consistently true across any spectrum is how wonderful these items are…specifically, the long gloves from the “Swoon” ensemble that comes with a matching collar (not shown) and the very festive “Garden Party” shoes.  I show them with Sonatta Morales’s “GoldRose” gown.  When I wore the items, I really was pretty amazed.  Everything works so perfectly together…it is as Tiffy and Sonatta invited a delightful collaboration between their separate works.  You would think the Swoon gloves came with the gown or vice versa, the match is so perfect.  Note the lovely bow that finishes off the back of the glove (the bow is also present on the front of the collar).   You’d also think the shoes came with the entire outfit.  I have to say, even though I’m not a shoe wearer, I really love these shoes.  I love the shape of them, the texturing on them, the attention to detail down to the treatment on the sole and the side button.

That’s Tiffy’s design MO.  Her eye doesn’t miss or skip over anything and the fact that it doesn’t shows in the gorgeous creations she makes.  She’s always been that way.  Even more than three years ago, when Tiffy participated in Shenlei Flasheart’s Shengri La Vintage Marketplace, which I had the pleasure of curating.  Through that project, I came to know and admire such incredible talents.  More than three years ago, Tiffy was a huge talent.  It’s really such a joy for me to be fortunate enough to continue to share not only the huge talents of designers, like Tiffy, but to celebrate their really exquisite talents and truly incredibly wonderful spirits.

Fashion Details:

Gloves:  “Swoon” ensemble in crimson, comes with two collars, two glove lengths, all modifiable.  From Tiffy Vella, creator of Eclectica Jewellery & Accoutrements

Shoes:  “Garden Party” in fuschia.  From Tiffy Vella, creator of Eclectica Jewellery & Accoutrements

Gown:  “GoldRose” from Sonatta Morales, creator of Sonatta Morales vintage haute couture

In search of Picasso

In the process of moving sliders to see how strongly I identify with a particular shape and face (and I really do), I began to push the facial sliders along the extreme.  Not so much to challenge my sense of identity, but I suddenly wondered if I could approximate a portrait that mimmicked Picasso’s signature “full face and profile” portraits.  Here’s my first attempt:

I think it’s not possible to mimmick Picasso’s full face and portrait technique fully inworld.  Even the extremely loose approximation shown above was tricky to achieve.  The other thing I noticed is that even with exaggerated slider positions, the world really is quite hardwired for conventional notions of beauty.

Celestial … Shine on


Last week by way of a Tweet from Ziki Questi, I learned that Celestial Studios is closing.  Not that I doubted the tweet, but I later saw this news verified on Celestial creator Starley Therein’s weblog here.   

Celestial Studios is one of the very first stores I stumbled upon — and gratefully so — as a newborn nearly 4-1/2 years ago.  I couldn’t help but feel a twinge of nostalgia at the news of its closing and its subsequent fire sale  (individual items priced at 25L and fat packs priced at 100L).   It’s stunning to realize that Celestial Studios has been inworld for 7 years.  I mean I still feel like a newborn by comparison and I still remember the hours I spent there all those years ago looking at the many creations that I thought were so wonderful when my inventory count was a mere 500 items or less.  The thing is, all these years later I still think these creations are wonderful and my inventory count is nearly 100 times greater now.   

So returning there again was more a special experience of revisiting some of my newborn days than it was a shopping expedition (although shopping did occur!)  Absolutely, I shared this experience with my very very wonderful friend.  We were born inworld the same year, within a week, holding the same feelings and experiences, all of which made revisiting Celestial perfect really.  We both snapped up a number of wonderful creations.  In this weblog entry, I show a few of the items I picked up.  Everything but the skins, jewelery, glasses, and nylon stockings-garters (in the second to last photo) are items still available at fire sale prices.  That is until May 25th, when the bright light of Celestial shines for the last time in stores…but forever for the many of us who are and always will be fond fans.

Hot fun in the (near) summer time

The (near) summertime brings with it beauty items from BareRose, Belleza, and Boom.  I hadn’t intended to do a fashion entry, but then Belleza released a group gift the other day and I found myself fascinated with this dewy, lovely skin “Aiko.”  And so I began to build outfits around it.

The first outfit to match the mood and dreaminess of the “Aiko” skin is the elaborate and colorful American Indian ensemble “Dreamcatcher” from BareRose.  I just adore this ensemble for all its regal presence and elemental harmony.  “Dreamcatcher” speaks directly to all that is so beautiful about a graceful inner strength, presence, and demeanor.  The ensemble is fully loaded — as all BareRose items are — and comes with feather armbands, feather headdress, belted skirt, thigh bands, collar, shoes, even a dreamcatcher necklace and earrings set.  I love BareRose, from its broad range of offerings including fantasy and ethnic (thank goodness), to the jam-packed quality and boatload of items in each and every purchase.

As for items from Boom, I always find myself wearing Boom creations most particularly in the summer.  And while summer is still a few weeks away for those of us in the West, this latest release from Boom — “A Day on the Yacht” — is such a quintessential summer outfit I just couldn’t stop myself from picking it up and wearing it.  “A Day on the Yacht” is a sexy little sailor outfit that is perfect for the crisp and carefree days of summer.  I show it with Boom’s new “Lynx” skinny belt in cherry.  All that star-spangled red, white and blue, and I can already see my Fourth of July outfit starting to take shape.  But at the same time, that’s not stopping me from wearing this cute little number now, before summer’s biggest birthday party in the States.

I think you’ll agree.  And oh say…can you see?  …the fashion details and slurls that follow these pics!

Fashion details

Photo 1 & 2:  “Dreamcatcher” ensemble from June Dion, creator of BareRose; “Aiko” skin in deep tan, group gift from Tricky Boucher, owner and creator of Belleza; “Amber” in pitch from Onyx LaShelle, creator of Maitreya

Photo 3 & 4:  “A Day on the Yacht” sailor dress from Aranel Ah, creator of Boom (the stockings and garter in the photo are not included with this outfit); “Lynx Skinny Belt” in cherry from Aranel Ah, creator of Boom; “Aiko” skin in deep tan, group gift from Tricky Boucher, owner and creator of Belleza; “Omnia” hair in black (also comes with earrings and head tattoos) from Mirja Mills, creator of EMO-tions


Fascinating video from Seth Godin about “how ideas spread” and the disruption of the publishing industry.  Reminds me of the approach some well known musicians have taken to cope with the disruption in their industry.

Education’s going through its own disruption “growth pains” (more like “burning platform”) pretty severely these days, as is true for many industries.  Increasingly the meetings I attend have at their core (and agenda bullet-items) discussions around the very real need to “adapt or die.”   It can be overwhelming.  For the fortunate, a true vision of the future can come of these hard, far from easy discussions.  For most, the instinctive, typical reaction is to scramble frantically by doing what others already did 5-10 years past and throw anything to the wall to see what sticks.  These are oddly fascinating, Interesting, challenging times with no clear or easy answers.