360 Moments in Freeze Frame

Okay…editorial correction.  “360” should be “365.”  The “360” subliminal typo could be a reflection of how fast everything is now that somehow the days in the year feel shorter, or it could be “360” as in full circle.

I came across a 360-day photo project, only this one happened in the atomic world.   Jonathan Harris started this project on his 30th birthday and celebrated that milestone year with a photo a day along with a twitter-esque character-count story for each photo.  Here’s his website.  Here’s his video of the final product.  I’m not wild about the music he chose, but his photos are beautiful, some provoke a stronger reaction than others.  And his reflection on the project and experience is insightful and telling (presented by way of my interpretation of his words):  Lasting memory.  To make a mark in the moment and beyond.  To not be forgotten.  Immersion.  To really notice and live into the fullness of the day.  Creative pressures.  Reflection.  Being.  The realization that the more you think you know, the less you really do know.

His video is 8 minutes or so in length…overall, I’d say that’s a pretty rapid year.   One that serves as an inspiration for all of us to think about journaling life in this type of way.  A photo a day.

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