Fantasy Faire … Beauty Unobscured

Did I mention I relish items from Caverna Obscura and Mynerva?  I already posted about these two talented creators but couldn’t resist another entry on some of their Friends Fighting Cancer (FFC) vendor items at this year’s Fantasy Faire.  The Faire wraps up today so be sure to head out there and pick up these wonderful items if you haven’t already. (Fashion details and slurls are listed  at the end of this entry.)  They are truly beautiful…as is all of the gorgeous help everyone has given and continues to give in the fight to eradicate cancer from the world.   And this just in from the Fantasy Faire website…one hour into the auction and we’ve met and surpassed the goal of $20,000USD!!  AWESOME!!  Now THAT’S beautiful, indeed!  Congratulations everyone!!

Fashion Details and Slurls to these gorgeous items for which 100 percent of the proceeds goes to the cause:

Photo 1 – Fairy Ensemble:  “Nocturne” gown in Onyx, from Caverna Obscura by Elvina Ewing in the Enchanted Mysts sim.  The ensemble includes wings, arm ties, leg ties, ripped stockings.  (Shoes are not included.)

Photo 2 & 3 – Gown: “Serenade Gown” in Twilight, long and short skirt options from Caverna Obscura by Elvina Ewing in the Enchanted Mysts sim.

Photo 4 – Skin: “Fire Element,” comes with and without cleavage, and with prim eyes.  From Mynerva by  Rhapzody Wilde & Zarothan Wylder in the Exotic Worlds sim.



Sim Sponsor:  Fallen Gods    Alia Baroque


T R I D E N T    Laufey Markstein

T R I Earendilia    Earendil Lowenhart
MOONSTRUCK    Luna Barak
Studio Sidhe    Faery Sola


Frippery    Elizabeth Tinsley
Caverna Obscura    Elvina Ewing
sorriso di Aphrodite    joacim jacobus
Fae & Tiny Fantasy Creations    Tamrielle Halderman
[TrE uNiQuE]    Tremayne Barbosa
Stone Keep    Adelyn Hansen
Pretty Things by Lihan    Lihan Taifun
forest feast    mikatsuki Matova
An Lema    AelKennyr Rhiano
.:Dark FairyTales:.    Vomit Carousel
Bean Sidhe    Serendipity Sapphire
~Refined Wild~    Khyle Sion
Sparkle Skye Designs    Sparkle Skye
FallnAngel Creations    Azriel Demain

Sim Sponsor:  Petable    Matthew Anthony


  • ND/MD Skins & Shapes    Alea Lamont, Moonlay Laval, Aaliyah Hazelnut
  • Mindgardens Creations    Bonny Greenwood
  • Cerridwen’s Cauldron    Elicio Ember
  • The Colour Factory    Bright Oh


  • Wunderlich’s Skins & Animated Avatars    Naergilien Wunderlich
  • Londinium Gearworks    Coolluke Sands
  • KIKI No.18    Kisskiss Zemlja
  • United Federation Starfleet    Zania Turner
  • ## CI ## Creative Insanity    Ruy Bury
  • De La SOUL    Lerochelle Destiny
  • ezura    Ezura Xue
  • The Curious Seamtress    Kembri Tomsen
  • ~*Star Kindler Designs*~    Elbereth Nightfire
  • ~Mynerva~!    Rhapzody Wilde & Zarothan Wylder
  • Wasabi Pills    MissAllSunday Lemon
  • Panda Express    Kioko Kumaki
  • Lvs&co    Ravenlynn Templar
  • House of Fae    Talulah Nomura

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