Fantasy Faire … Light in the Shadow


In one of my dashes again through the sims at the Fantasy Faire, I spotted this wonderful mythological ensemble called “Unicornuus” from Satrys Moon.  I do love this look and hadn’t seen it put together as a complete outfit like this before.  “Unicornuus” comes complete with unicorn horn, ears, tail, pants (in three variations), legs, and hooves (the top is not included).  It’s a wonderfully magical creation.

On the topic of magic, I just checked the Fantasy Faire weblog for its latest update.  I’m astounded to see only $500USD more will ensure that the 9-day goal of $20,000 USD is met!  That’s really pretty amazing.  How could anyone wonder about the depth and heart and soul of the SL community when time and time again the community demonstrates such an incredible level of commitment and focus…in reaching out and connecting with one another, in celebrating and exploring the arts, in developing and nuturing a beginner’s mind…in creating and making a real difference in the life of others and in our own lives.  In all worlds.  To life.

Fashion Details and Slurls to these gorgeous items for which 100 percent of the proceeds goes to the American Cancer Society in the fight to eradicate cancer from the world:

Outfit:  “Unicornuus” from Satyrs Moon by Vasa Vella in the Forest of Shadow sim.  This wonderful outfit comes with ears, unicorn horn, tail, hooves (top not included).  The pants come in three variations; I show them in the full version.

Arm Ribbons:  in the “Nocturne” gown ensemble from Caverna Obscura by Elvina Ewing in the Enchanted Mysts sim. 

Orb Fairy (circles around the shoulders, see picture 1, and releases fairy particles, see picture 2):  from Angelwings by angel6 Susanti in the Forest of Light sim. 

Skin:   “Fire Element,” comes with and without cleavage, and with prim eyes.  From Mynerva by  Rhapzody Wilde & Zarothan Wylder in the Exotic Worlds sim.


Sim Sponsor:  Dark Goddess Designs    Alesandra Markova   

Forest of Shadow Featured Creators

  • DragonFox Designs    BelenosStormchaser Magic
  • Satyrs Moon    Vasa Vella
  • aluinn    Bratty Slade
  • House of RFyre    Raven Pennyfeather

Forest of Shadow Themed Stores

  • Skulpting Notba     Numberofthebeast Angelus
  • Grim Bros.    Cutea Benelli
  • ~Arsenic Lace~    Hawke Mai
  • Sassy Kitty Designs    Kinu Mayako
  • Psst…Here Kitty, Kitty    Kitaria Valeeva
  • !* Rebel Xtravaganza *!    Rouge Darcy
  • Whatz    Titania Halasy
  • Silk Worms     Trippy Fall
  • -=FORSAKEN=-    VincentVile DeSantis
  • Endless Pain Tattoos    Mae Jewell
  • Heart & Sole    Bijoux Lefavre
  • NaLa Buildings    Nanook Lavendel
  • Lewellen’s Fine Tailoring    Lily Lewellen
  • Skinthesis    Cane Sutter   

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